Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Coolhaus Ice Cream from Mozilla Rocks the House

I love food surprises.  But not other surprises that pertain to birthdays , anniversaries, proposals and the like...just food surprises.  That's why I was delighted when this morning, Bo suggested checking out a free ice cream sandwich promotion from Mozilla Firefox, by way of the Coolhaus ice cream truck.

The most convenient and wonderful aspect of this deal was that it was close to my daytime gig, so I was able to meet her during lunchtime.  As soon as I arrived, I noticed the long line, which was growing by the minute.  Although not surprised to see that, as with all free-bees crowds gather, I made sure to get a spot asap and observe the ice cream frenzy. 

While on line, we were warmly greeted by a Mozilla fox mascot that you see above and got a few cool giveaways including phone stickers, pins, etc. - just some tchotchkes to keep us happy and occupied during the wait.  However, we also spied the sandwiches that were progressively being given away, and they looked quite impressive and large.  We were really looking forward to getting one soon.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches:
Delighted to see that there were four enticing options to choose from, we selected our sweet sandwich of choice ahead of time.  Here's what was on the menu:

The Foxy Brown - Nutella toasted almond ice cream on an oatmeal cookie
The Beta - Earl Gray ice cream on a brioche cookie
The Mozilli Vanilli - Vanilla with real Madagascar beans on a chocolate chip cookie
The Chilla from Mozilla - Blood orange sorbet on chocolate cookies

Before I get into our choices and how they tasted, I wanted to also introduce the Coolhaus ice cream truck, which is officially making its debut in NYC this weekend. 

Originating in LA, this new-to-the-East-Coast food truck, founded by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller boasts handmade cookies and inventive ice cream flavors, made of all-natural ingredients.  Sure that their selling points are the trigger words a lot of food companies use these days such as "local, seasonal, natural," etc, but what I really found intriguing was the variety and originality in both ice cream and cookie flavors. 

If you visit this truck on a regular basis, you'll be delighted to find funky ice cream flavors such as dirty mint chip, brown butter candied bacon, pistachio and black truffle, butterscotch & rosemary, Thai iced tea and more.  Cookie varieties are also far from boring and include dark chocolate with sea salt, ginger molasses, lemon rosemary, vegan chocolate chip, pistachio agave and the like.

But now...about our particular ice cream sandwiches:

The Foxy Brown - You won't be surprised that this was my choice, being the Nutella freak that I am.  I loved the chocolatey richness of the ice cream, and its slightly soft consistency.  Appreciating the small bits of almonds that were interspersed throughout, they didn't compete with the chunky oatmeal cookie that sandwiched it - instead it was the perfect complement.  The only negative was that I couldn't actually taste the Nutella - it was more chocolatey than anything.

The Mozilli Vanilli
- Bo chose a classic vanilla flavor, paired with a deliciously soft chocolate chip cookie.  I had a bite and loved the clean, classic flavors of the vanilla, and the lovely little black vanilla beans that decked this usually just-white frozen custard.  It was a bit meltier than mine, making it slightly hard to eat, but regardless, it was pretty excellent.

If you'd like to catch this truck this weekend, you still can.  Check it out this Sunday in Union Square (near West 16th Street) from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

For more info about this awesome ice cream truck and its everyday locations, check them out daily on social media:


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