Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revelry Lounge Leaves, Introducing us to Alegria

The old Bar 36 and Revelry Lounge space seems to keep running into tough luck, as it's changed hands yet again, and is now called Alegria. Unlike its predecessors, this new rendition promises a spicier experience, offering modern Latin food, tapas and your classic bar offerings.  I peeked inside and saw that the interior hasn't changed much, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (the space is gorgeous!)  If this place is to do well, they're going to have to really kick it up a notch with an amazing menu and a fair prices.  I'll share a menu when I get my hands on it.  In the meantime, they are taking reservations, so go on and give it a shot if you're curious.

Alegria - 36-05 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103


N/Q Train to 30th Avenue


  1. Try it! The chef is very talented. The slider sampler at the bar is terrific. The garlic shrimp are delicious. We've gone for both a dinner and for drinks and tapas. I hope they make it. Great place. But they seem to need to do better with getting the word out. The bartender is a nice guy and makes a mean caprihinia.

  2. I looove me some caipirinhas! Thanks for your input - the prospect of this place having good food is very exciting, since it's been kind of a disappointment in the past.



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