Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Fashioned Homemade Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? I don't know many people who'd answer no to that question, me included.  I adore chocolate.  Anything with chocolate.  But I've never made an all chocolate cake, aside from my occasional brownie, chocolate chunk cookie, cupcakes and other miniature treats.  But never a whole cake.

So I decided to go to it while on vacation in Florida.  I had the time and the patience so "why not?," I thought to myself.  But I needed an occasion.  That part was easy, as I decided to make a New Year's cake for my in-laws. 

I turned to the cake diva I trust, Food Network's Barefoot Contessa who puts out a mean Beatty's Chocolate Cake. I found the recipe very easily online and began the process, which took 3+ long but fulfilling hours.  You might be thinking that making a cake for that long must be absolutely crazy and I must've done something wrong, but I assure you that if you'd like to make a beautiful chocolate cake from scratch, it'll take time. 

Treating all the ingredients with care is an essential part of the process, which includes sifting nearly all the dry ingredients so they're as soft as a cloud.  Making the buttercream is also meticulous, as all ingredients need to meld together at the perfect temperature and speed, thus producing a smooth spreadable custard.  One other tip before I give you the recipe...just make sure your cake cools properly before you ice it.  Sound obvious? Maybe...but I'd rather tell you now instead of it melting on the cake and producing a big, sloppy mess.  Now that wouldn't be Contessa-like, would it?

Enjoy the cake, and the journey that'll get you there.

Beatty's Chocolate Cake Recipe


  1. Great job, Foodista.

  2. Thank you, thank you. I can't say it was a cinch, but I got it done.



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