Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bo's Brunch with Marcus Samuelsson

I was really excited when The Foodista asked me to sub for her (while she is basking in the sun on vacation) at an event. I said YES even before knowing what it was all about!

Well, she picked a great one for me to cover. I think she is going to be jelly over the food we got to try and the giveaway - Marcus Samuelsson’s signed cookbook!

The brunch hosted by Kraft and Marcus Samuelsson was to highlight the Kraft iPad app, Big Fork Little Fork, which also features recipes by Marcus.

Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPad so I was introduced to the app for the first time there. It’s a really cool app and it made me marvel at how interactive everything is nowadays. Not only are there recipes you can view but there are games and features that make it really kid-friendly.

Here’s what you’re really tuning in for though - the FOOD!
They served chicken tacos, salmon and eggs, oatmeal, granola, tomato polenta, cornbread, ginger limeade and two mini cupcakes.

Chicken Tacos - These were my favorite, but I enjoyed most of the food. The chicken was really tender and moist, as Marcus added a good amount of Taco Bell salsa (a Kraft product) and lime juice as it cooked. The fresh avocado on top just made the tacos even better.

Ginger Limeade - I had two glasses of the ginger limeade. SO refreshing and a terrific accompaniment to the tacos. I was hoping they would send me the recipe to share but no such luck. I guess I’ll have to get an iPad.

Oatmeal - I have to say I was most surprised by the oatmeal. I normally do NOT like oatmeal. But Marcus’s oatmeal was pretty good and I can see myself making and eating it. It was just creamy enough with the right amount of spice. Kudos to Mr. Samuelsson for getting me to incorporate oatmeal into my repertoire!

Granola - I love good granola and this one was up there. It was crunchy (the way I like it) and the dried cranberries added the perfect zing. I was very tempted to put a handful into my pocket. I restrained myself though. ;)

Tomato Polenta - This was for lack of a better word, interesting. I know there are polenta lovers out there but I’m not really one of them. I wouldn’t say it was great, nor was it really bad. It tasted like gritty tomato sauce. And I’m not really sure where it fit on the menu. On top of the salmon and eggs (which I didn’t try)? blech.

Corn Bread and Mini Cupcakes - Again, another dish that I wouldn't write home about. Both mini cupcakes had a citrus taste - I’m pretty sure zest was involved. The corn bread was on the dry side but not bad. It tasted okay.

You can find all these recipes through the iPad app.

Marcus also shared a bit about what brought him together with Kraft. His ideas about healthy and delicious food for kids was so simple. For example, in his native Sweden, they do Friday night tacos. They may not be your traditional taco but the main function is the same. Add any kind of protein (fish, beef, chicken, etc.) and veggies to a crunchy taco shell. Healthy and delicious!

P.S. the Big Fork Little Fork app is free but for the Marcus Samuelsson recipes you will have to pony up $4.99. Not a bad price but free would have been better.

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