Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New York Taste is Back!

New York Taste is back again this year, with another rich offering of culinary pleasures all under one roof.  I gladly attended and covered the event last year, and this year I'm psyched to do it again.  An impressive tasting event, showcasing some of the best culinary talent in NYC and the opportunity to mix and mingle with the chefs themselves, it's really special.  But before you immerse yourself in this food fantasy, I'd like to offer you my top 10 personal tips for making your night at New York Taste a tad more successful:

Foodista's top 10 tips for getting the most out of New York Taste:

1.  Arrive early and beat all the hungry crowds - that means, arrive as soon as you are allowed to.

2.  Do a quick walk through of the entire room before you grab food - that way, you'll know what's out there and what you want most.
3.  Avoid desserts until the end - there will be plenty left and they're best enjoyed if not mixed with savory dishes.

4.  Try more unusual restaurants you've never heard of.  Chances are they'll be less crowded and the food just as (if not more) delicious than some of the hyped up all-stars.
5.  Strike up a conversation with the head chef who's often at his/her table.  When else will you get that chance? Ask for their personal food favorites and recommendations.
6.  Take lots of pics.  Don't be shy to take pics of the food and your favorite chefs.  They love the attention.   

7.  Don't forget to drink - mostly water to keep yourself hydrated and to cleanse your palate after all the different food combos you'll have that night.
8.  Make new friends - mix and mingle with your fellow attendees.  Chances are you'll have a lot in common since they're all foodies, like you.
9.  Eat Slow - although it'll be hard not to eat each dish quickly in order to move on to the next best thing, don't be tempted and enjoy your food slowly, savoring each bite.
10.  Stop when it's time - when your belly has had enough, you'll know.  Don't be afraid to take a break (the food will still be there when you come back) or to stop altogether.  You don't want to walk out of feeling stuffed like a sausage.

And here are all the important details you'll need to know about this event:

New York Taste
Monday, November 1st from 6:00 (VIP) to 9:00 p.m.
Skylight Studios - 275 Hudson Street (at Dominick Street)

Chefs Attending
: Andrew Carmellini (Locanda Verde), Anita Lo (Annisa), George Mendes (Aldea), Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster), Masaharu Morimoto (Morimoto)

Tastings By: Aldea, Annisa, Aquavit, August, BLT Fish, Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Buddakan NYC, Colicchio & Sons, Convivio, DANIEL, Dovetail, EN Japanese Brasserie, Fulton, Graffiti, Hill Country Chicken, I Trulli, james, Kefi, Kittichai, La Biblioteca, La Fonda del Sol, Lani Kai, Le Bernadin, Locanda Verde, Millesime, Morimoto, Park Avenue Autumn Pegu Club, Porter House New York, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, Recette, Red Rooster Harlem, Riverpark, SHO Shaun Hergatt, Telepan Restaurant, The Meatball Shop, Wallsé, Zengo

A portion of the evening's proceeds will be donated to City Harvest, to help fight hunger.

Get your tickets here.



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