Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LIC Market - Nifty General Store and Seasonal Eatery Rolled into One

LIC Market - 21-52 44th Drive, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to 45th Road/Courthouse Square

I've been meaning to check out LIC Market for a little while now.  Reading about it in LIC Courier Magazine, it seemed like a cool, seasonal eatery with simple, good food and I was eager to get a taste.  My brother Peter and I brunched there last week and had a nice time - although we weren't completely blown away, our meal was enjoyable enough to come back and try other menu items.

Staying true its name, LIC Market resembles a little store, located on the lower part of a residential brownstone.  Setting itself apart from the eateries on Vernon Blvd and Jackson Avenue, which are busier in the evening, LIC Market mainly services daytime workers and 45th Road/Courthouse Sq residents.

The decor at LIC is understated yet friendly, with distressed table tops, simple wooden chairs and an earthy color palate.  Seating is available throughout the restaurant - from the sparse outdoor and front-of-the house seating to the more private dining room located in the back of the restaurant, which accommodates larger groups.  It's also nice to see that the front serves as a general store, showcasing a variety of specialty food products for sale such as pickled veggies, tapenade, marmalade, spices and more.  Everything is packaged tastefully, sporting a pretty "LIC Market" label. 

Currently serving breakfast, lunch and brunch, LIC's menu is still a bit limited, but they plan to roll-out dinner service soon.  A liquor license is on the way in the near future too so that should liven things up.  For brunch we kept it pretty traditional, both of us ordering egg dishes.  I'm very curious about their sandwiches though, as they looked great and I plan to check them out next time.

Bulls-Eye Eggs - I was immediately attracted to this item when I saw that it consisted of 2 fried eggs in the company of 7 grain bread - their own version of eggs in a blanket with a clever name.  It was more than satisfying, rather it was downright delicious with the crispy, earthy bread enveloping the fried eggs with an almost orange, runny middle.  Besides the actual egg, the side of hash browns, dressed with onions and red peppers added an extra injection of zing and homestyle flavor.  Simply put, this dish is a home run!

Frittata of the Day - Peter tried the frittata which changes daily, his containing fresh zucchini and mushrooms, the whole thing topped with milky mozzarella cheese. Once again, the eggs were cooked perfectly and the flavors were nice but maybe just a tad too bland.  It needed a hit of something stronger in spice and I'd recommend going a little more aggressive with the seasoning next time.

Besides the food we ordered, I also wanted to briefly touch upon the impressive bread and biscuit plate we received prior to our actual meal.  It was not only generous, but these baked goods were truly excellent and very fresh.  The flaky biscuits and the mini muffins were my favorite and I spread them generously with wild blueberry jam that came with it too. 

Service and Cost:
LIC Market's servers have it down pat - they're on-point but unobtrusive and they understand the menu well.  Our waiter seemed like he was personally vested in the restaurant and who knows...maybe he was or maybe LIC Market is just super effective in cross-pollinating their mission.  In either case, great job!

Costs are moderate to inexpensive and include the following:

Breakfast - $1.75 - $7
Lunch - $7 - $11

Brunch - $6 - $10

2.5 Mmmms

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