Thursday, October 14, 2010

Identita Eataly - Going on Now

Yesterday was exciting!  To get a chance to meet, chat with and observe some of the best Italian chefs straight from the mother country is a true pleasure, one that was bestowed upon me at the Identita New York press conference at Eataly.

Identita Golose, a haute cuisine and pastry-making congress that originated in Milan about six years ago has now been brought over to America--and what better way to showcase it than at the colossal Italian food mega-center, Eataly!  The event was graciously hosted by the famous faces of Eataly including Mario Batali, Lidia and Joe Bastianich.

The piazza at Eataly was buzzing with excitement and enticing smells, as eleven award-winning chefs from all parts of Italy came aboard to introduce New Yorkers to traditional Italian cuisine, with their signature avant-garde flair.  I had the chance to meet these chefs in person and chat with them about their food inspirations, what makes them tick about Italian cuisine as well as some of their American food favorites.

Chef Cristina Bowerman - Chef Cristina, the only woman amongst the Identita chefs certainly held her own, and she was one of my favorites.  As the chef/owner of Glass Hostaria in Rome, Cristina brought her extensive knowledge of seafood (scallops) to the table, with her Scallops al "bosco" dish, which combined American ingredients prepared in an Italian style.  Take a look at the video interview to find out more about this dish as well as some of Chef Cristina's favorite NY restaurants.

Chef Luca Montersino - As most of you know, I'm very into all things sweet so I was especially interested in interviewing Chef Luca Montersino of Golosi di Salute in Piedmont.  Chef Luca is known for non-traditional desserts that are sometimes referred to as healthful.  Hydrogenated oils and refined sugars aren't a part of his dictionary and he prides himself in using inventive and in many cases, unconventional ingredients.  Take a look at our video interview in which Chef Luca discusses his special Eataly dessert as well as his love for simple desserts, including tiramisu.  All this said in his beautifully melodic Italian accent - just have a listen, per favore.

Other chefs featured in Identita this week include:

Moreno Cedroni, Chef/Owner of Madonnina del Pescatore in Marches
Ugo Alciati, Chef/Owner of Restaurant Guido in Piedmont
Massimo Bottura, Chef/Owner of Osteria Francescana in Emilia Romagna
Pino Cuttaia, Chef/Owner of La Madia in Sicily
Gennaro Esposito, Chef/Owner of Restaurant Torre del Saracino in Campania
Emanuele Scarello, Chef/Owner of Agli Amici in Friuli Venezia Giulia
Niko Romito, Chef/Owner of Restaurant Reale in Abruzzo
Davide Scabin, Chef/Owner of Restaurant Combal.Zero in Piedmont
Pietro Zito, Chef/Owner of Restaurant Antichi Sapori in Apulia

Today is the last day that you can sample these chef's creations at Eataly so get yourself over there pronto and check out the fall flavors of cucina "tre colore."  Buon appetito.

Eataly - 200 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
N/R Train to 23rd Street

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