Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arharn Thai - Another Fun (and new-to-me) Thai Option

Last week when dining at Cafe Triskell with Meg and Mackenzi, I noticed a nice-looking Thai restaurant called Arharn Thai on 32nd Street and 36th Avenue.  Its awning looked new but the inside looked comfortable and lived in so I inquired a bit more, finding out that the place has been around for quite a while - I guess I just haven't noticed it.  Grabbing a menu, I was overwhelmed and excited by its many delicious-sounding options.  I'm giving you a sample of it here to whet your appetite.  If you haven't checked it out yet, it might be worth a shot, especially since it's nice and inexpensive.

Arharn Thai - Sample Menu

Sate - Sliced beef or chicken marinated in curry powder and coconut milk, served with peanut sauce...$6.95
Thai Rolls - Steamed rolls wrapped with Chinese sausage, crabmeat, cucumber, bean sprouts with sauce...$6.95
Mee Grob (my favorite!) - Crispy rice noodles with shrimp and tamarind sauce...$5.95
Som Tum - Papaya salad...$6.95

Entrees: Served with jasmine rice
Gaeng Ped - Red curry, coconut milk, bamboo shoot and chili pepper with choice of beef or chicken...$9.95
Kra Prow - Choice of beef, chicken, or pork sauteed with basil, chili pepper and onion...$9.95
Paneng - Beef with paneng paste and coconut milk...$9.95

Seafood Dishes: Served with jasmine rice
Pla Lard Pick - Fried whole fish with spicy hot chili sauce...$18.95
Koong Pad Pak - Shrimp sauteed with mixed vegetables...$10.95
Pla Jean - Fried whole fish topped with ginger, mushrooms and scallions...$18.95

Frog Legs (Gob): Served with jasmine rice
Gob Kra Prow - Fried frog's legs with basil, chili peppers, and onions...$11.95
Gob Panaeng - Fried frog's legs in panaeng paste and coconut milk...$11.95
Gob Ka Tiem - Fried frog's legs with salt, pepper and garlic...$11.95

Chef's Specialties: Served with jasmine rice
Po-Tak - Seafood steamed with Thai spices in a clay pot...$12.95
Pla Duk Pad Ped - Large cuts of catfish, fried and sauteed with chili peppers, red curry and coconut milk...$12.95
Gai Yang - BBQ chicken marinated in Thai spices served with Thai sweet and sour sauce...$10.95
Moo Kum Wan - Grilled pork topped with fresh chili, garlic, chopped cilantro and lime juice...$9.95

Pumpkin Custard - Pumpkin, egg, palm sugar, salt and coconut cream...$4.50
Buad Chee - Warm banana in coconut milk...$3.50
Bua Louy - Warm taro in coconut milk...$4.50

There's also a $6.95 lunch special on weekdays til 3:00 p.m.

Arharn Thai - 32-05 36th Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/W Train to 36th Avenue


  1. Wait a minute -- how was the food??

  2. Didn't go yet - this post is to pique interest. I do that from time to time and post a menu to get people curious (including myself!). I'll try it soon - stay tuned :)



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