Thursday, July 1, 2010

When In Astoria...Eat Domatokeftedes

Living in Astoria has no doubt broadened my culinary horizons.  As you know, I love to cook all things but have gained a big interest in preparing Greek cuisine.  I do it not only because of the excellent flavor combinations that Greek food provides, but also because I love to brag about my latest creation to my friend Moses who happens to be Greek.  We always laugh together (or he laughs at me and I laugh at him, laughing at me) at my horrendous Greek food pronunciations. I think that I JUST got galaktoboureko down, and now I have to work on my domatokeftedes.

So when I saw the below recipe for Domatokeftedes (or tomato fritters) on Foodbuzz' Top 9, I had to try them.  The preparation seemed similar to other veggie fritters such as zucchini, which are also popular in the Greek kitchen. 

Not only was this recipe easy, but I liked it because it used fresh ingredients, fragrant herbs such as mint (ahh I love cooking with it) and also a very unusual tzatziki sauce.  Instead of the traditional cucumber tzatziki, it called for mango. 
I can't tell you how amazing this was and how much it elevated the flavors in this sauce.  Sweet from the mango fruit and refreshingly cool from the Greek yogurt, it was a perfect accompaniment to the fritters.  I loved the way it lightened them up and the crisp, clean flavor really surprised me.  What a great summer dish - thanks 5 Star Foodie.

Here's the recipe - give it a try!


  1. mmmm--I would love to try them from Cafe Judith!!!! ;) xo

  2. They were yummy - I think you'd likey :)



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