Friday, July 30, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to a Friend - Bistro Les Minots

I had lunch with Meg this week and a hot topic that came up was the closing of Bistro Les Minots, the cute, little French Bistro up on 30th Avenue and 47th Street.  My guess for its sad ending is perhaps the remote location, set in a quiet, residential neighborhood, far away from the busy commercial streets closer to the train. 

It's a real bummer and I'll sure miss it.  While there are some other French restaurants still in the nabe, I think the only ones worth their salt are 718 and Tournesol.

So for now it's au revoir Bistro Les Minots. We'll think back on you fondly and remember your cozy, comfortable vibe, warm staff and yummy food. 

Chime in Astoria - let me know what you'll miss (or not miss) about this place and also if you have other trusty French alternatives you'll turn to in its place.

Bistro Les Minots - 47-16 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue or R/V/G Train to 46th Street


  1. Anonymous30 July, 2010

    Cafe Triskell is wonderful. On 36th Ave. between 34th and 33rd St. Les Bistrot will be missed.

  2. Ah yes...I've heard great things about Cafe Triskell but I've never tried it yet. I must!

  3. I think it actually closed because of a fire in a restaurant next door that spread? Sorry to hear that it won't be back, though - I live around the corner and it was a great brunch option for when I had people in from out of town!

  4. I know...I'm bummed about it too!

  5. Agreed. Cafe Triskell dishes the very fine comfort fare of the chef's native Breton, besides the savory buckwheat crepes that populate the menu. The ingredients are always fresh.
    I would also number Bliss Bistro in Sunnyside among the best French cuisine restaurants in western Queens.
    Sadly, beyond L'Artiste, 718, Cafe Triskell, and Bliss Bistro, that is presently it for western Queens recommendations.
    Happily, Little Neck does have the venerable La Baraka by the Nassau County border!



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