Friday, June 18, 2010

Readers Want to Know...Introducing The Foodista Forum

Images by Emily D.

Over the course of almost three years that the Foodista has been in operation, I've acquired many amazing (and loyal) readers who I appreciate and value.  That's why I'd like to dedicate a section to you readers where you can ask any food/restaurant related question that's on your mind.  I'll post questions once a week and open them up for everyone to answer, encouraging a free exchange. A forum of sorts.

Introducing...The Foodista Forum

The first Foodista forum topic is actually two-fold and comes from Emily D who's a fellow Astoria resident.  Noticing two new food businesses in the nabe, that promise to open soon, she's been wondering just when.

The first one is a place called Wing Stop on 31-14 Steinway Street, which is actually a wing chain franchise based in Texas.  They boast 9 flavors of wings including hickory smoked BBQ, cajun, lemon pepper and more!

Do you know...when will it open?

And the second question is about a new bakery called Cream Bakery also on Steinway Street just past Broadway.  The awning looks really enticing and it'll be very cool to welcome a new interesting bakery in this part of the neighborhood.  I hope cupcakes are in store!

Anyone know what its plans are?

Feel free to chime in and offer up your 2 cents.  Also, if you have a question of your own that you'd like me to post in the next Foodista Forum, email me.


  1. I received the following email that sheds light on Cream Bakery:

    Hi. My name is George and I have info about Cream bakery. I am going to be the manager there and I can tell you that the target opening date is 1 month from today and YES, cupcakes are in store! From vanilla to Red Velvet and one side of the store will be dedicated to All things Chocolate...YUM!!!

  2. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    Hi, I was at Cream Bakery the other day. Brought my kids and they loved the cupcakes...we had the red velvet and the carot cake which was beyond delicious...The cheesecake was to die for....the place also has a great setting...very happy and will be time I will try their chocolates and will purchase my next cake from good to have a place like this in my neighborhood....Also I noticed that they make sugar free and gluten free cupcakes...I asked their manager if they make sugar free cakes and he told me they can customize any order...Nice to know I can now order a sugar free cake for my diabetic dad....

  3. Wingstop
    opening in January, at the earliest.
    I say earliest because they plan on opening by then but there are always some delays for one reason or another.
    This information came straight from the owner



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