Monday, May 10, 2010

A Touch of Astoria in the New Limelight Marketplace

I was so excited to hear that the new Limelight Marketplace has finally opened up in the city.  Besides representing some of the coolest brands in clothes, accessories and furniture, they feature a plethora of innovative food companies that specialize in fancy desserts, gourmet items such as flavored olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette as well as breads and cheeses.

Limelight's main appeal, which makes it so unique is its layout.  Housed in an old church, which used to be a nightclub, the marketplace is made up of three lofty levels with a main atrium on the ground floor.  It's truly a gorgeous, open air sight, as you can see all the way up to the third floor and get a sneak peek of the goodies you can expect.  Although this transparency applies to the retail shops, the food stuff is sort of hidden towards the back of the ground level.  But once you find it, you'll be glad you came, as you'll be entranced by beautiful foodlings you could've only imagined in your wildest dreams.

The first thing that drew me in when I stepped into the food section were the gorgeous desserts.  I was immediately confronted with the carefully frosted cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop and the most precious-looking candy cakes from The Little Candy Cake Company, which looked like miniature wedding cakes, complete with delicate piping and multiple layers.

But what made me stop in my tracks was when my mom and I walked into to the mini gourmet food market, Jezalin's and saw that they offered Astoria's very own Artopolis baklava, pound cake and other Mediterranean sweets. I couldn't believe it and was ecstatic to see a little representation of Astoria in one of the most aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated markets I've ever seen.  It really made me proud of where I come from and now I'm able to brag about it even more to my Manhattan friends.  The only difference now is they can sample Artopolis' goodies without crossing borough lines and using their proverbial passports. Oh thank goodness!

So whether you're searching for a slice of Astoria or are curious to uncover beautiful culinary gems, I strongly urge you to visit this market.

You can visit the Limelight Markeplace anytime between:

Monday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Limelight Marketplace - 656 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10011
F/V Train to 23rd Street


  1. How happy you were to find a piece of Astoria in this spectacular marketplace!
    Just shows how proud you are of your dear Astoria.



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