Friday, February 19, 2010

Haddad's - New Lebanese Joint on 31st Street

Haddad's is a Lebanese take-out and dine-in joint that opened just last month.  I've been curious to check it out after walking by a couple of times and being intrigued by its pleasant facade.  Just this week, I had a chance to peruse the menu and it looks enticing - Middle Eastern food with plenty of meat but also veggie options at a really competitive price.  Some of the mezze cost as little as $.95 each!  Check out a sampling of the menu below and feel free to give them a try.

Cold Mezze:
Baba Ghannouj - Charcoal grilled eggplant puree, tahini and fresh lemon juice...$3.50
Fattoush - Romaine, tomato, cucumber, mint, radish, green pepper and toasted Lebanese bread...$4
Chanklish - Cheese mixed with spices covered with thyme, served with onions, parsley and tomatoes...$3.50

Hot Mezze:Fatayer - Pastry filled with baby spinach, onion, sumac and olive oil...$.95 each
Sambousek - Pastry filled with minced beef and onion confit...$.95 each
Safiha - Small spicy Lebanese pizza topped with ground beef, tomato and onion...$.95 each
Makanek - Lebanese mint sausages sauteed in lemon juice...$4.00

Falafel - Fried ground chick peas with tahini sauce...$5.00
Chicken Shawarma - Thin slices of marinated chicken with garlic or hummus...$6.50
Kafta - Charcoal grilled ground beef with onions, herbs, spices and hummus...$6.90
Vegetarian - Hummus or baba ghannouj or mousakaa...$4.50

Shish Kebab - Charcoal grilled marinated beef with green pepper and onion...$10.50
Mix Grill - Chicken kebab, shish kebab and kafta, served with Lebanese rice or French fries...$13.50
1/2 Chicken - Half baked chicken with potatoes...$7.50

Haddad's - 22-47 31st Street, Astoria NY 11105

N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)


  1. This is a very welcome addition to this immediate area. Very nice guys. Great food. Delicious falafel. Fast and easy if you're coming off the subway.

  2. Very cool - I can't wait to try it.

  3. BTW, nice shot of the establisment.
    I suppose from the train station...?

  4. It is right from the train station - I thought it was a cool angle too!

  5. Ate there last night. Delicious, fresh, and good prices. The falafal was amazing, and I've eaten many a falafal in my life.

  6. freedchips29 March, 2010

    this place is great. really good shwarma. the little beef pizza is great too. also you get huge portions at a very fair price.

  7. it was awful! thats all i can say.

  8. :( what was bad about it?

  9. OK, so Haddad's has been closed for a couple of months now. Does ANYONE know what happened to the owner and if the location was moved? This place had THE most AWESOME falafel I've ever tasted.



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