Friday, December 25, 2009

Sweet Afton - Keep on Ringing in the Holidays

I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas are having a great one.  In the spirit of spreading more delicious holiday cheer, I wanted to tell you about a great seasonal drink that you could enjoy at a new neighborhood, favorite, Sweet Afton.  

The drink is an oldie but a goodie, the classic hot apple cider, which Meg and I ordered the other day.  You could get it sans alcohol or spiked with calvados or whiskey.  We opted for a virgin one and loved its sweet, cinnamony taste.  The overall effect was very natural, clean and comforting, especially on freezing nights that we're currently experiencing.

In addition to the cider, I also tried one of their specialty cocktails (also apple flavored) called the Applejack Collins, containing Laird's Applejack, simple syrup, lemon, orange bitters and club soda.  I loved its slightly tart, fizzy bite and the hint of apple that hit your tastebuds at the end of each sip.  Fruity-drink lovers will appreciate this one--and not to worry, this cocktail isn't overly sugary.

Enjoy both drinks currently available at Sweet Afton, and once again, happy holidays!

Sweet Afton - 30-09 34th Street, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. That applejack collins looks delicious. You should definitely try their applejack champagne cocktail as well:

  2. Will do - good suggestion. This cocktail was amazing!



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