Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baked By Melissa Cupcake Scavenger Hunt - We Got the Golden Ticket!

Baked by Melissa, one of my favorite cupcake shops in the city is hosting a fun scavenger hunt for the entire month of December.  The contest is hosted on Facebook and you have to be a fan to participate because every day, BBM releases a fun clue.  A clue for what?  To get 100 cupcakes of course!

The quest to get 100 of these delicious stuffed treats put fire under my a%& and I was motivated to win.  For those who know me personally can attest to how competitive I am--and as soon as I saw the first clue posted this morning, I was on it.  

The clue was the following:  44 paces South of its SW corner, this structure marks the 100th Anniversary of George Washington's inauguration as president.  Don't walk too far, or you might get wet.  You could sit on prize #1 and not even know it.

I Googled a couple of key facts and voila, Washington Square Park is where I had to be.  Naturally, I recruited my co-worker and friend Leann who was glad to join the hunt.  We got to the locale in merely 10 minutes and dissected the clue until it led us to a bench in front of the fountain, behind the big arch.  Leann spotted the golden ticket and we were both excstatic.  You could see the cupcake euphoria on our faces. 

Want to play too? Tomorrow is another day and another clue awaits.  Join the Baked by Melissa Facebook page and you could win 100 cupcakes too.  Why not splurge a little?  I guarantee it'll make your day - it made mine.

Baked by Melissa - 529 Broadway, New York NY 10012
6 Train to Spring Street


  1. Congrats you happy and lucky ladies.
    I checked Melissa's website and her cupcakes look delicious.

  2. Thank you! It was incredible to win :)



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