Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Poor Man's Dinner is a Great Man's Dinner - White Bean & Sausage Stew

It's no surprise that I, along with the rest of the country am looking for smart ideas to save money--and especially on food!  So when I recently read a Bon Appetit article about the greatness and versatility of cannellini beans, I was sold.  There are so many amazing things one could do with this bean--its gentle yet satisfying flavor is a great way to fill your belly during fall and winter months.

You could use Bon Appetit's recipe here.  I substituted the regular sausage with chicken sausage (flavored with Italian spices) and made it more stew-like than what the recipe called for.  Serving it with a side of rosemary flat bread from my beloved Artopolis Bakery made this meal complete.  Both Dan and I had no room for seconds, our first helping was that filling.  I strongly encourage it, and hope to make one of their other white bean suggestions such as the white bean and pasta soup.  

Price-wise this couldn't be more wallet-friendly with about $4.00 per person, including all ingredients.  


  1. This looks great! I'm going to try it with spicy turkey sausage and spinach!

  2. Thank you - looking forward to hearing how it turned out for you.

  3. I think you would like this place: Healthy and just exceptional.



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