Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Classic Lattice Apple Pie - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope that you all have wonderful plans with the ones you love.

As mentioned earlier this week, I wanted to reveal my winning recipe for a Classic Lattice Apple Pie, which won 1st place in the Pie Oh My Baking Contest.  I got the recipe from my favorite food source, Bon Appetit.  The dough was relatively easy to make, but the key was to let it sit in the fridge overnight to ensure that it was super cold and therefore wouldn't stick to the surface when rolling it out.

For a special touch, I used a crimper on the lattice top to make it more festive and beautiful.  I think it did the trick, as everyone commented on the pretty edges and how awesome this pie looked.  Dan helped me with the construction of the lattice, and we read the instructions carefully and followed them to a tee.

One more note about the dough - it was very forgiving, as I messed up when putting it into the pie dish.  I didn't center it enough and therefore had to use small scraps to fill in the bare edges.  It didn't look nice but when filled with the apples and topped with the lattice, you couldn't tell at all.

I think people really loved this pie because of its classic, country look as well as the light apple flavor, rounded out with a hint of lemon.  The lemon was the best ingredient, in my opinion, as it gave the pie freshness and made it feel light instead of too rich and heavy.

So there you have it, the Classic Lattice Apple Pie for Thanksgiving.  If you have time to make it, great, if not save it for another special occassion.  Enjoy your holiday everyone!


  1. Beautiful pie Judes! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family :)

  2. Thank you Margs - it was lovely. Hope that yours was great too :) xoxo



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