Saturday, November 14, 2009

Going up the Creek in LIC

I've been meaning to check out The Creek on Jackson Ave for a while, and last night I finally got to do just that.

The Creek is pretty laid back. Not much decor going on in the upstairs area--no frills for sure. It's nice enough, but I wouldn't recommend it for a date-- more for when you're looking for an affordable TexMex spot, or maybe just to catch up with a friend. I felt very comfortable there, and it was a great place to unwind after a long week of work. There's also a downstairs lounge and bar area that was pretty cool and could accommodate a large party. It definitely felt more fun and intimate down in the bar area.

Salsa sampler starter - this was our appetizer of choice. It consisted of chips with guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo. While it wasn't amazing or anything out of the ordinary, everything did taste good, and fresh. I was really looking forward to the guacamole, which turned out to be good, but definitely not the best I've ever had.

Burrito grande dipped in red enchilada sauce - this was a monster of a burrito, stuffed with pork, rice, beans, jack cheese, and sour cream. And because the Creek offers the option of either "dipping" or "chimichanga-ing" your burrito, we went for the "dip it" option. They have 3 dip options, and we went with the mild red enchilada sauce. Overall, it was a lot to take on, but my dining companion manned up and was able to handle it all.

The enchilada dip was a good choice, but I still have to go back to check out the salsa verde and the smokey chipotle sauces.

Chicken fajita platter - good stuff. This dish came with the usual fajita sides and toppings, including tortillas, rice, beans, sour cream, grilled vegetables, and I was able to substitute the cheese with guacamole. The chicken was nice and juicy and everything melded well. Again, nothing extraordinary but still good. It definitely hit the spot.

Service and Cost:
The staff here (there were only 2 people waiting while I was there) is awesome. So nice and accommodating. Our waiter was really friendly and easy going. When I asked for a special request--subbing out the cheese for guacamole with the fajita--he was very cool about it and did what he could to get what I asked for. And there was always someone refilling our water and making sure we had what we needed, without being overwhelming or too "in your face." I'd come back for the staff alone!

The Creek is very affordable. It seems that most things on the menu range from $5 to $12 at most.

Also, I want to note that the drink options here seem really great but I chose not to get a drink this time around. The various margarita and cocktail options, as well as the beers, all seem like a good bet, though. If I go back, I'll be sure to check that out.

2 Mmmms

The Creek - 10-93 Jackson Ave LIC, NY 11101

7 to Vernon-Jackson/G to 21st Street/E or V to 23rd St-Ely Ave

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