Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yolo (You Only Live Once) Opens in Astoria

Yolo - 22-55 31st street, Astoria NY 11106
N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)


Yolo, yolo, yolo (aka You Only Live Once)...has been the latest buzz in the nabe about a new modern bar that opened up just weeks ago right under the Ditmars Blvd train tracks. Right next to O'Hanlon's Irish pub, Yolo offers a newer, sleeker vibe without the pretension.

The menu consists of simple bar food such as wings, sliders, and their specialty, thin crust pizza, which comes in ten interesting varieties. If you're willing and excited to check it out, the weekend might be a good idea, especially when they have all the games on, especially football. They boast a full bar with 14 beers on draft and plenty of daily specials. Sounds fun and promising.

Here's a sampling of their menu and prices:

Yolo's famous meatball - topped with marinara sauce with ricotta cheese...$8
Buffalo wings - tossed in hot sauce and blue cheese dressing...$8 (small), $14 (large)
Cheeseburger sliders - mini cheese burgers with sauteed onions...$8 (four)...$14 (eight)


Penne ala Vodka with Chicken - in a pink vodka sauce with parmesan cheese...$14
Fettucicine Carbonara - prosciutto, pine nuts and fresh parmesan, finished in a light cream sauce...$14

Lobster Ravioli - in a tomato cream sauce...$14

Thin Crust Pizza

Meatball - marinara sauce and mozzarella with homemade meatballs...$9 (9"), $18 (16")
Ditmars Express - with bbq pulled pork, red onion and baby spinach...$9 (9"), $18 (16")
Yolo Infusion - topped with pesto and garlic with BBQ chicken, spinach, fresh basil and goat cheese...$9 (9"), $18 (16")
Absolut Flyin Hawaiian - marinara sauce, prosciutto, pineapple, fresh basil and mozzarella...$8 (9"), $16 (16")

Yolo Signature Salad - crisp mesculin tossed with sliced pear, walnuts, red onion and gorgonzola cheese with balsamic dressing...$10
Arugula and Bacon Salad - bacon, sliced mushroom, green pepper, cucumber, tomato and sun dried tomato with honey dijon dressing...$9
Mediterranean Salad - Crisp greens, olives, sun dried tomato, red onion, roasted red pepper and feta cheese with olive oil and vinegar...$10

Burgers and Sandwiches (served with French fries or salad)
Italian Burger - made with homemade meatball recipe...$9
Grilled Chicken Hero - with lettuce, tomato and provolone cheese...$9
Classic Burger - char-grilled 10 oz Angus burger on a sesame bun...$9 Add cheese, bacon, sauteed onions or mushrooms for $1/topping


  1. Love the space and the TVs for watching the games. Very nice staff, attentive without being obnoxious or pushy. Tried a domestic beer made from a macrobrewery in a microbrew style, called "Hells Gate" and it was a fine beer for happy hour (1 pitcher of beer and a large plain pizza for $22). I found the pizza to be unremarkable in flavor but was not overly filling in the belly in that stomach-grinding way plain slices can be. Thin crust, perfectly fine sauce and cheese that lent itself to red pepper flakes, parmesan, and oregano. I did like how it was lighter than a lot of pizza of its style in the 'hood. I'd go back to try the burger and wings, though. The Italian burger is intriguing due to their using their meatball mix as opposed to just a burger with some "italian" style toppings (tomato sauce, mozz, like that).

  2. I ate at Yolo 2 weeks ago on a Sunday and watched football. I enjoyed the mini burgers, beer and view of the games. HOWEVER...do NOT get the pizza here. I ordered the olive oil pizza with fresh basil fresh mozzarella and fresh tomato. The crust was like matzo, it was like eating crackers completely dry and flavorless, and they added a few small gobs of fresh mozzarella, some bruscetta sized cubes of out of season tasting tomato and a few chopped basil leaves. This cost me and my friend $22!!! If they want to be known for their pizza then they need to get a new chef.

  3. Interesting perspectives - I'm eager to try it to see who I agree with :)

  4. you MUST try the meatballs! I've been looking for the recipe online when I came across your article which says one just opened in NY. If it's like the one in downtown Ft Lauderdale, you can't pass up the meatballs----not beef, must be turkey (which I normally would pass on) BUT great)!!

  5. Thanks for the tip anon - will try the meatballs :)

  6. just tried to get a delivery, they "don't take credit cards over the phone". nice.

  7. Weird - maybe bc they're new?

  8. If you get the meatball recipe, will you post it!!??


  9. Went to Yolo last night and decided to order a large custom pizza with 4 ingredients; Pepperoni, Riccotta Cheese, Olives, and Roasted Garlic. The Pizza came out to be $30!!! And it was incredibly salty and the curst was too stiff.

    This was my 3rd visit to Yolo and I sadly have to comment that it is getting worse every time.

  10. I know Gustavo, I agree :( I want to love their food but they make it difficult.



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