Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dino's - Italian Balkan Fusion

Dino's Restaurant and Bar of Astoria - 29-35 Newtown Avenue, Astoria NY 11102
N/W train to 30th Avenue

Last month I mentioned that the old Momento space on Newtown is now called Dino's. While I haven't been yet, I've been keeping an eye on it and it looks promising. While still not too busy, it looks like it gets more business than the old Momento place. The interior looks nice and cheery and the menu looks inviting.

Take a look at the sampling of menu items below. The cuisine is a mix of Italian and Balkan featuring Italian standbys such as pasta and seafood and Balkan grill specialties such as cevapcici, pljeskavica and others.

It's nice that the price point is reasonable at $15-$26 for entrees and there's even a $9.99 early dining special every day from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00p.m.

Dino's bruschetta - roasted eggplant and peppers with pistachio and walnuts...$8
Montenegro salad - cucumbers, romaine, tomato feta with red wine vinegar olive oil...$7
Warm artichoke - hearts of artichoke with spinach and parmesan with aged balsamic...$9
Homemade sausages - homemade grilled sausages served flambeed in cognac...$13


Orecchiette with sausages - ear shaped pasta with broccoli rabe and homemade sausages...$15
Rigatoni with eggplant and ricotta - fresh eggplant in a light marinara sauce and cheese...$15
Linguine with clam sauce - red or white...$16

Grilled paillard on a bed of Montenegro salad with gorgonzola cheese - marinated with lemon, black pepper, garlic and rosemary...$17
Fish (catch of the day) Romano-style - sambuca orange sauce with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes on a bed of spinach...$21
Veal shank (Osso bucco) - veal shank with risotto or pasta...$23
Cevapcici - homemade traditional beef link sausages in pita bread...$10

Sudzukice - beef, veal and garlic sausage in pita bread...$12
Pljeskavica - Yugoburger in pita bread...$11

For the entire menu, click here.

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