Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Sugar! From The Treats Truck

Mobile food is very in right now, and that means all sorts of food trucks that carry anything and everything from gourmet lunch food to good ol' fashioned cookies. The Treats Truck, which specializes in the latter is one of my favorites, and I recently tracked it down to satisfy my sugar fix.

Besides ordering a couple of the cookies that you see above, I also tried the nibbles that were set out at The Treat Truck's sampling tray. I've always found their samples to be generous and full of variety.

Peanut Butter Sandwich (pictured above) - Although I'm not a peanut butter fan and didn't try this cookie, Dan said that it was spectacularly chewy and rich. He mentioned that it had intense flavor and that the cookie overall provided a gooey, magnificent bite. There are 3 filling options - peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate. Dan's tip - have a glass of milk handy.

Caramel Creme Sandwich
(pictured above) - I just had one of these today and it was delectable. The chocolate sugar cookie is slightly crunchy but still a little chewy, while the vanilla cream frosting on the inside is silky and melts on your tongue. This is a big step up from an Oreo cookie. Dan called them "Super Oreos."

Mexican Chocolate Brownie
- Kim, Treats Truck's owner gave me a sample of this and it was love at first bite. It's a soft cinnamon brownie with large chocolate chunks, leaving you with a decadent taste in your mouth. I relished in the warmth and spice that the cinnamon brought, and once again, it was a step up from a traditional brownie. Just like with Dan's recommendation about the peanut butter cookie, have milk or water nearby.

Pecan Butterscotch Bar
- Another one of Kim's generous samples, I popped one in my mouth and immediately reached for another. It was super soft and caramely, with a slight crunch from the nuts. Although it was excellent, it was so sweet that eating it in small quantities is probably best.

Service and Cost:

The service at the Treats Truck couldn't be better. Kim was so welcoming and accommodating, that I felt like I was served by an old, trusted friend. I bought some Treats Truck Dollars for my friend Crystal as a gift. Not only did Kim package these nicely, she also suggested that the bills can be further broken down, based on Crystal's future purchases. For example, if she didn't spend a $5 Treats Truck Dollar in its entirety, Kim would give her change in Treats Truck money. So awesome!

Prices are affordable and range between $.50 for a simple sugar cookie to $3 for a brownie.

The Treats Truck cruises around the city (and Brooklyn) daily. You can find their current schedule here. I've tried to get them to come to Astoria and so far haven't had success. If you'd like to see them in our 'hood, drop me a comment and I'll make sure to pass it on to Kim. Astoria needs some Sugar too!

The Treats Truck - Various Locations in NYC and B'klyn (check website for schedule)



  1. These cookies look delicious.
    I love the picture you took. Cool arrangement.

  2. You know I had to go on Friday to spend some of thoseTreats Truck Bucks! Kim was so nice and said you were so nice! thanks again!!

  3. That's awesome Crystal - you are so welcome. What did u get?



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