Monday, September 28, 2009

BYOB Sake Bar - Yamashiro

Back in July, I mentioned the opening of Yamashiro Sake Bar on Steinway Street near 30th Avenue. I walked by the other day and saw that it's a BYOB, which I found to be a big draw. The menu is eclectic and certainly inviting - it could be a fun place to start your Friday or Saturday night.

See what you think about this sampling of the menu. If you'd like to see it in its entirety, send me an email and I'll pass one on to you:

Appetizers (sushi and other)
Treasure Island - Tuna, salmon & yellowtail bed on avocado bowl...$8
Tartar - Choose your favorite fish, salmon, yellowtail or red & white tuna...$9
Wasabi Shumai - Steamed wasabi pork dumpling...$5
Age-Dashi Tofu - Fried tofu with tempura sauce...$4.50
Garlic Soft Shell Crab...$8.50

Noodles (Choice of Udon or Soba)
Chicken Noodle Soup...$8.75
Seafood Noodle Soup...$12.75
Yaki Soba - Choice of chicken, beef or vegetable...$8.75

Teriyaki and Tempura (Served with rice & soup or salad)
Chicken Teriyaki...$12
Scallop Teriyaki...$17.50
Yashai Teriyaki - Mixed vegetable...$10
Seafood Tempura - Shrimp, fish, scallop and crabmeat...$13.50
Chicken Tempura...$12

Chicken or Beef...$14


Specialty Sushi Rolls
Mango Tango Roll - Eeel & cucumber topped with avocado & mango...$9
Yamashiro Wasabi Roll - Rolled tuna, salmon & avocado topped with wasabi caviar...$9
Green River Roll - Eeel, cucumber, avocado topped with seaweed powder and caviar...$8
Fuji Roll - Tempura shrimp, eel, cucumber topped with masago...$11

Bento Box Special - Includes a miso soup or salad, gyoza, California roll, rice and a choice of two of the following: teriyaki, katsu, beef negimaki, tempura, vegetable tempura, tofu teriyaki, sushi, sashimi...$16

Yamashiro Sake Bar - 30-27 Steinway Street, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue

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