Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clean Your Plate When Eating Out

Image by www.cleanplatesnyc.com

My friend Katie and I saw the movie Food Inc last week. It was an eye-opening film about the food industry and the many, unfortunate corruptions that go along with it. While I'm not going to preach, I believe that the message of eating healthy, organic food has hit home. I recommend the film to everyone!

While waiting to be let into the movie theater, we ran into a man selling a book called Clean Plates NYC. Initially, I wasn't going to give it much attention until Katie grabbed one, looked through it and immediately bought it. Intrigued, I flipped through it as well and liked what I saw. The book, (pictured above) features a guide to "the healthiest and tastiest restaurants in Manhattan." This means that the restaurants use a combination of local, organic ingredients that are grown through humane efforts (i.e. grass fed steak, pesticide free produce, etc).

I grabbed a copy for myself and started reading. Loving the variety of content, the book features 75 Manhattan restaurants that pass a "health test," serving good-for-you food. Running the gamut from popular sandwich chains such as Le Pain Quotidien to upscale seasonal establishments such Blue Hill, Clean Plates NYC is useful for virtually any dining-out experience.

A small book with rounded corners, it makes for easy transport and I now carry it in my bag daily.

If you're interested in purchasing it, it's a modest investment at only $11. Check it out! I hope that a Queens version comes out soon.

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