Monday, May 25, 2009

Masala Wala Tasting - Healthy Indian Street Food

Another fun part of my Chicago trip included attending an Indian street food tasting at Kimberly's friend, Aditya's place. I was excited to attend, as I love Indian food and the thought of modern, healthy Indian eats intrigued me.

The story behind the tasting is that Aditya, along with his classmates at the University of Chicago are working on a business plan for Masala Wala, an Indian street food company, which they invented. Currently, Masala Wala is a finalist in the school's business plan competition, and if they win, they have the potential to bring their idea to life--very entrepreneurial and very exciting!

The Masala Wala Chicken Wrap - The main dish that we sampled was a very light yet filling chicken wrap, enveloped in a paratha (Indian flat bread). I liked that the chicken was fresh, with a lot of good, juicy white meat. Indian flavoring was definitely felt but it wasn't too overpowering or spicy--thus, appropriate for an American palate. My favorite part of the dish was the actual wrap (paratha), which was on the medium-well done side and it felt substantial enough for a starch. The tamarind chutney served alongside of it was fantastic, introducing an element of sweetness.

I would definitely buy something like this for lunch or even for a snack during the week.

I wish Masala Wala luck in the competition and I hope to be eating their delicious chicken paratha wraps next time I'm in Chicago. Chicagoans, look out for them!


  1. really nice of you to write about this....make your Ad gives you free food every time you visit MW :-)

  2. Will do! It was really good.



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