Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bar 36 - Now Revelry Lounge

Ever since Bar 36 closed, I've been watching it closely, curious about what would take its place. While on 30th Avenue today, I noticed signs on the windows displaying a new name, Revelry Lounge, that I'm assuming will come soon. Rumor has it that the bar is switching management, hence, the new name. Let me know if you know more but I'll keep a close eye on it and will let you know once it opens. I hope that it'll be an improvement from Bar 36, where drinks were pricey and food was less than mediocre. We'll see...

Revelry Lounge - 36-05 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. Revelry lounge is hot... great place for a birthday party, live dj drink prices are now very reasonable for Astoria I went for the grand opening last friday out of curiosity and was more than pleasantly surprised. no cover and very inviting atmosphere. definitely recommend it for all Astorians

  2. Wow good to know - sounds like you feel very strongly about it.

  3. Revelry is a very nice decorated place, been there for the grand opening and on a Saturday night after. I was told it's the same owner as 36, Rocco, did a great job with the decor, it has a morrocan with a mix of asian fusion type of feeling to it. First time I went I thought it was a nice chill spot that me and my friends would enjoy, so I went back, but I found out it's poorly ran and the service sucks. I was waiting for bottle service which took about 30-40 minutes just to get acknowledged, you would think at their surprisingly high prices you would get immediate service, so me and my crew just left. You want a quick drink, go straight to the front bar, there's a couple friendly female bartenders that make great drinks. Their "oh-so-familiar" drink menu that just came out consists of basic bar drinks with a "new" name, nothing special and really didn't sound appealing. Dj's are always different and is hit or miss depending on what night you go and what you like, mostly latin music is played leaving a mostly latin crowd. Been there twice, very disappointed the second time, probably won't go again unless I'm desperate. Don't waste your time.

  4. Interesting - and not that surprising...



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