Sunday, May 17, 2009

24 - New Wine Bar Sprucing Up 24th Avenue

24 - 25-19 24th Avenue, Astoria NY 11102
N/W Train to Astoria Blvd

I'm surprised at how 24th Avenue has come along, with a variety of budding restaurants and bars. One such new place is 24 wine bar, which was previously a neighborhood deli. Owned by the same person, 24 is a definite improvement from its predecessor, offering a comfortable scene to unwind with friends and a glass of wine.

24 is a small, dimly-lit space that's not unlike a living room. Several comfortable couches and small tables with chairs line the room, but the middle looks bare. The furniture looks thrown together and there's an element that's a tad strange. I can't put my finger on exactly what was bothering me about it, but it might be that the lamps were a touch bright and the background music too low--you could hear snippets of other people's conversations. Imperfections aside, I liked the local artwork on display, which made it feel warm and interesting.

24 has a nice selection of international wines, which are reasonably priced. Beer options are excellent, featuring the usual suspects as well as unexpected domestic micro brews such as Pete's Wicked Ale. Dan and I ordered Argentinian wine, mine a Malbec and his a Cabernet. I'm not a wine expert, so I won't analyze it too much, but both glasses were thoroughly enjoyed--and generously poured. I'd recommend the full-bodied Malbec, with an earthy taste and a hint of berry flavor--a lovely way to warm up on a cold, rainy night.

While food isn't available yet, 24 plans to incorporate a light snack and dessert menu in the future.

Service and Cost:
We were well taken care of by 24's hospitable owner. He welcomed us right away and made us feel at home, gesturing to the comfortable couches. It was nice that we were able to hang out as long as we wanted, not feeling rushed in the least.

Costs are moderate and generally affordable. Most glasses of wine are in the $7-$8 range and beer is typically in the neighborhood of $6-$7. Although the prices aren't as inexpensive as I'd like, you definitely get your money's worth (at least for the wine), as the glasses come nearly three-quarter's full.

2 Mmmms

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