Friday, March 27, 2009

Sabor Tropical is now Samba Tropical

A few months ago, I mentioned Sabor Tropical's move from 30th Avenue to 36th Avenue. A few changes took place along with the move including a new name--it's now called Samba Tropical. Not sure why this happened, as I thought that Sabor had good recognition amongst Astorians.

The second most significant change was the stop in rodizio style service, which so many people--including my husband and I--love. But it's not all bad news, for I think that the new location has better visibility, now closer to the subway. They also boast some interesting and affordable specials--just take a peek at the below lunch offering:

All dishes are served with rice, mixed greens, fried banana, potato salad.

Bife Acebolado - steak and onions...$7.95
Bife Acavalo - steak and eggs...$7.95

Frango Grelmado - grilled chicken breast...$7.95
Frango Milanesca - chicken breast battered and fried...$7.95
File de Peixe a Limau - tilapia filet sauteed in lemon and butter...$8
Fraldinha Carioca - skirt steak topped with harts of palm...$9

Samba Tropical - 35-48 31st Street, Astoria NY 11106

N/W Train to 36th Avenue


  1. Bruce Stewart07 June, 2009

    Are you sure that Samba Tropical has anything to do with Sabor Tropical? I have been told that they were unrelated.



  2. Yeah I'm sure. I called there and asked.



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