Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maoz - Yummy and Healthy Falafel Chain

Dan and I needed to escape the sub-polar weather this week, so we headed to Boca Raton Florida for some needed R&R. Part of my relaxation included a lovely massage and a light lunch in Boca's Town Center Mall. While I'm usually disgusted by mall food, I found a stupendous falafel joint that served fresh, healthy and inexpensive grub.

The falafel place was called Maoz and only later did I find out that they also have locations in NYC--in Union Square and near NYU.
Maoz originated in Holland and now has six locations in Europe and five (soon to be six) in the U.S. So now I have something to look forward to when I come home.

Maoz' menu was limited, but it made my choice real easy. I ordered the original Maoz sandwich, which included four plump falafel balls on a warm whole wheat pita. I didn't know the procedure of ordering and was surprised when I was asked which toppings I wanted from the hefty salad bar. My server said that I could add any topping that I wanted--there were many and they looked great. I chose the grilled cauliflower, cucumbers, chickpeas, tomato and onion salad as well two sauces, yogurt and garlic.

To say that I was excited to bite into this thing was to say the least. As soon as I sunk my teeth into this baby, I was hooked. The toppings were hearty and fresh--a nice prequel to the soft falafel balls. Once I bit into those, the sandwich got even better. They were flavorful and crunchy on the outside and didn't taste greasy. I found out that they're fried in zero trans-fat Canola oil--another point in my book. Overall, it was a great sandwich that filled me up but wasn't heavy. I'd recommend it for a casual, healthy and inexpensive (under $6) lunch.

Maoz Vegetarian - Town Center at Boca Raton - 6000 Glades Road #1176, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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