Thursday, January 8, 2009

Manducatis Rustica - Another Home Run!

Dan and I had quite a pleasant visit to Manducatis Rustica this week. It was his first time there and I was excited to share with him this little, authentic nook in the heart of Long Island City. Dan is trying to eat healthier (like most of America) so he decided to take it easy, while I had no qualms about getting dessert.

The last time that I came here with Vicky, we dined in the casual room, which can be seen right as you come in. However, what I did not know until Vicky told me is that there is a whole other, large dining room to the right of that first room. It's more formal but still just as cozy. Dan and I opted for that experience, just to try something new. Here are the dishes that we ordered:

Lentil Soup - It was cold and rainy outside so we both craved something warm and comforting. We reluctantly ordered the soup--I say reluctantly because we didn't want it to be too heavy and creamy. But once it arrived, we saw that we made the right choice, as the broth was clear and the soup felt as light as a feather. It was seasoned with fresh herbs like parsley, which added great aroma, reminding me of one of my mom's soups--simple, clean and delicious.

Diavola Pizza - Dan made the choice on this one and I'm so glad that he did. It included spicy Italian dried sausage along with sweet black olives. We both agreed that the olives were the best part, as they were tender and easy on the palate--they were so sweet that they almost tasted like dessert. Chocolate if I dare say!

Hazelnut Gelatto - I was disappointed that I didn't try this flavor last time, so it was a must this time around. Light yet flavorful, it was the perfect way to cap off the evening. From the picture above, you could see that our helping was generous, yet we didn't feel grossly full after eating it. Dan caved after seeing it in its glory and had about half of the portion himself. I'd strongly suggest this flavor along with the baccio flavor that I tried last time.

We brought over some Coronas to wash down some of this beautiful food. Manducatis is a BYOB so you're welcome to bring your own booze and enjoy it in the restaurant.

As I mentioned last time, Vicky and I were absolutely enamored by our Italian waitress. Although she wasn't around this time, an equally lovely waitress was there to cater to our every need. She was unapologetically pleasant and so attentive that we felt bad telling her that "we were all set." All in all, the service was a pleasure. Even upon exiting the restaurant, the chef who's also the owner of Manducatis asked us how we liked our meal.

Manducatis continues to be a deal. For two large soups, a large pizza and dessert our total was $31 without tip. And since the service was so stupendous, so was our tip. We gladly rewarded such excellence!

Manducatis Rustica - 46-35 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue



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