Monday, November 10, 2008

Gandhi's Fabulous Lunch and Dinner Special

Observing some changes on 30th Avenue while I was away, I couldn't help but notice some great deals as well. One of those unbelievable offerings was at Gandhi Haute Cuisine of India. It's been around for about seven years now, so they must be doing something right. When I saw that their dinner special was only $12 and their lunch was $9, I just had to know more.

Here are the details of both offers. They come at a good time too--when everyone's pockets are tightening.

$9 Lunch Special - Everyday from 12p - 4p
$12 Dinner Special - Everyday 4p - 11p

Choose an appetizer:
Vegetable samosa
Onion bhajee
Mulligatawny soup

Choose an entree:
Chicken tikka mosolla
Chicken/lamb/beef/vegetable curry
Chicken/lamb/beef/vegetable vindaloo
Chicken/lamb/beef/vegetable madras
Chana shag/shag paneer (vegan choice)
Aloo motor gobi/malai kufta (vegan choice)

Accompanied by:
Saffron flavored basmati rice
Nan bread
Rice pudding

Even if you don't choose the lunch or dinner specials, all of Gandhi's dishes are reasonably priced and they offer a plethora of options.

Gandhi Haute Cuisine of India - 34-14 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue


  1. Hi Foodista,

    I saw that sign last weekend. I assumed it was a response to Seva's almost identically priced offering. Yes, I know that's two Seva posts in one day but I am not obsessed! :)


  2. That's probably true--they are pricing competitively! But hey, that's good news for everyone. For us because we can try both places and for them because they'll gain us as customers :)

  3. Seva's food is much better. I stopped going to Ghandi after the waiter tried to force me to sit by the door, instead of in a warmer seat. The restaurant was empty!



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