Monday, October 20, 2008

Brunch in the Heart of the Hill - Hudson Place

(Storefront image from Hudson Place web site)

Hudson Place - 583 3rd ave (@ 36th St.)

6 train to 33rd St.


Being that I live in Murray Hill, I figured I should probably become more familiar with the Murray Hill restaurant scene. So, the other day a few friends and I met up at Hudson Place for brunch. As usual, I checked out the menu before I picked the brunch venue. It looked great-- lots of egg options, fruit, pancakes, salads, sandwiches, bagels, etc. Excellent variety, but not overly-extensive, which is great for the super-indecisive (me). And as usual, when I was scanning the menu I decided on what I was going to get once brunch-time came around.

When we arrived at Hudson Place, our table was ready and we were seated as soon as everyone showed up (apparently 12:15 for brunch on Saturday was too early for some of the attendees. I will not mention names). We got a great table, and the waitstaff was pretty attentive. As soon as everyone was ready, we placed our orders. I went with the fresh fruit served in cinnamon crepes and creme fraiche. And because I'm a lefty, the person seated to my left was the one who would have no choice but to allow me to pick at/eat their food. This time, it was my friend Aimee, who went with the classic french toast with fresh fruit and creme fraiche.

Fresh Berries, Melon, & Fruits in Cinnamon Crepes, Creme Fraiche
- Well, first I'll say this. The fruit on my plate was fresh, but my friend Zach ordered the same dish and wasn't as lucky. So I guess that's a toss up. The crepes were good, better when dipped into the creme fraiche on the side. Though, the cream fraiche could have been smoother. It was good, but I've had better.

Classic French Toast w/ Fresh Fruits & Creme Fraiche
- Good thing this was the dish to my left and that my friend was willing to share. The french toast was great. It was fluffy, moist, but still crispy around the edges. It was served with maple syrup on top, which I think you can never go wrong with. I really like mixing flavors I like into one bite, and I definitely enjoyed dipping a piece of the syrup-covered french toast into the only-okay creme fraiche, picking up a piece of strawberry on the way.

The rest of my friends got various omelets or egg sandwiches. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with their dishes, though some did complain that the eggs were kind of runny. It didn't seem to be too bad of an offense though, especially considering the affordable prices. And in regards to the ambiance,
it definitely felt like a more sophisticated brunch spot. They have a cool, classic looking bar at front, and the tables were perfectly arranged. It kind of makes me wonder what the dinner scene at Hudson Place might be like...

2 Mmmms from me (Vicky, guest Foodista)

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