Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Samba Grill - Carnivores Advise

Everyone loves a good Churrascaria where you can take advantage of all the different meats that you heart desires--at least I do. While Samba Grill is more on the casual side and it offers a self-serve option, it also has traditional Rodizio style service that people love.

While walking by the other day, I grabbed a menu. Below is a taste of the kind of food that you'll find here. I have to get myself over there and when I do, I'll report about my full experience.

In the meantime, enjoy this preview of the food:

Serve yourself and pay by the pound:

From the buffet only...$5.99/lb
Buffet + BBQ meats...$5.99/lb
Only BBQ meats...$7.99/lb

Rodizio style service - All you can eat BBQ meats & buffet:
All meats are carried out from the BBQ pit directly to your table and served off skewers onto your plate. The buffet is self-serve.

Monday - Friday
Lunch...$17.95 per person
Dinner...$25.95 per person

Saturday - Sunday
Lunch and dinner...$25.95 per person

Meat Sampling:
Flank steak, prime rib, sirloin, beef ribs, chicken, sausage, turkey wrapped in bacon, pork loin, pork spare ribs and more...

Buffet Sampling:
Chicken with okra, chicken or beef stroganoff, cod fish with potato, beef stew, Brazilian potato salad, plantains, beans with pork and collard greens and more...

Brazilian style flan...$3.75
Passion fruit mousse...$3.75

Samba Grill - 29-17 23rd Avenue, Astoria NY 11105
N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)


  1. hi, hmm i've been eyeing that place for a while! what time is lunch?
    did you not go because you're a vegetarian, by any chance?

  2. Hi Aecono,

    Lunch is from 11a - 4p (Monday - Friday). I'm not a vegetarian by any means, I love meat. I just didn't have a chance to go there yet--but I will soon.

  3. You dont have to travel to south america or even leave queens to live a real brazilian experience.I decided to check this small but cozy brazilian churrascaria in astoria, and admit my hopes werent close to what i had. Brazilian churrascarias are usually huge with big waiting time, this little piece of brazil in astoria had me shocked. A nice enviroment with brazilian pictures and art on the wall, hand-picked Bossa tunes on the radio and exotic dishes on its hot and cold buffet such as cowtongue, and tripes that taste a lot better than it sounds.And be ready once you turn that thing green, because you are going to get a whole lot of perfectly cooked, tender and juicy meat of numerous variety and get as much of your favorite ones as you want with no wait time(unlike big churrascarias in which you would have to sit and wait until it comes back arround).
    Chase all that with some great brazilian homemade Sangria and you will be one satisfied client like me and my family were.

  4. Thanks Matt - this is so good to know. I think you've convinced me to dine there! And it's inexpensive, right?



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