Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Foodista Test Kitchen

Curious to try a new recipe but intimidated to make it yourself? Put me to the test--I'll take on the challenge!

Email me a dish or recipe that you've been eager to try but haven't had the time, patience or the courage for. I'll take on the task with gusto, document it with lots of pictures and even give you helpful tips and time savers along the way. I'm not guaranteeing perfection, just good ol' experimentation and fun.

Email me at if you have something specific in mind. I'll pick a different recipe each month so even if your choice isn't selected right away, I'll get to it eventually. Wish me luck!

Here are some helpful sites that might inspire you:

The Foodista Test Kitchen awaits...


  1. Dear Foodista- I am curious to find and try a great recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies- I know they sound a bit dangerous, but I had them when I worked at a bakery in college and they were delicious! I've been to scared to try to make them myself. With autumn approaching it seemed appropriate... any advice?

  2. These cookies sound wonderful and I know just how to help you out. I have a friend who has a recipe for pumpkin/chocolate chip bread. I will get it from her and try to modify it into a cookie. I'll report back fully. Stay tuned -C.



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