Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tasty Bukharian Bread - Lepeshka

Meg had the brilliant idea of visiting Rego Park this week to have a proper Bukharian meal. Our dinner was fantastic and the prices were some of the most reasonable that I've seen in Queens.

Something that stood out for me was the bread or as the Bukharians refer to it, Lepeshka. It was soft, round with a small indentation in the middle and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Its dough is airy, light and you could easily polish off a half of it in one sitting. You can spread it with butter, make a sandwich out of it or just eat it plain--it's good any way.

I stopped at a Bukharian deli called Olgar, located next to the restaurant where we had dinner. The place was packed with a plethora of European foods such as baked goods, cold cuts and spices. I picked up a loaf of fresh Lepeshka for only $1.25. What a deal! I highly recommend trying it.

Olgar - 93-07 63rd Drive, Rego Park NY 11374
R/V/G to 63rd Drive

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