Saturday, May 31, 2008

News from Chef Reyes

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It's been almost a full month since I've seen my favorite neighborhood chef, Reyes who used to work at the Sparrow. As you heard me mention on numerous occasions, this man is an absolute food genius--and he has a way with burgers. I, along with other fellow Astorians was really sad when Reyes left our local hangout, across the street from the Beer Garden. I've been back since but it simply isn't the same. Pablo, a new chef has filled Reyes' shoes but it's left to be seen if his food will measure up--I hope that it does, as he is a friend of Reyes and the two have worked closely together.

So...when I got an email from my dear chef friend, I couldn't be happier to find out about his new locale. Unfortunately, Reyes is no longer an Astoria man and you can now find him running a kitchen in trendy Williamsburg. I will be sure to check him out soon and will happily report with details. (Mmmm, I can taste the delicious burger meat, just thinking about it).

Here are the deets behind Reyes' new digs. He boasts his own menu of specialty salads, sandwiches, burgers, entrees and even his favorite dessert--flan with strawberry ice cream.

His new joint also has live jazz every Wednesday and Friday at 8:30p.

Park Luncheonette
334 Driggs Avenue corner Lorimer Street (between Lorimer Street & Union Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 11222


  1. Seems like a happening spot. Right across from McCarren Park. I run by there on a regular basis and it is usually very busy.

  2. Anonymous02 June, 2008

    I must say, I'm disappointed to find the Foodista making comments about a chef failing to live up to another's standards without first sampling the food. You can say that the vibe is different and not as pleasant as before, that's completely acceptable. However, to state that a chef can only fill one's shoes in the literal sense without trying the fare is unfair and irresponsible, especially to the owners of Sparrow and those who look to you for advice on where to dine.

  3. Valid commment Anon but I did not say that the food didn't meet the standards, I just said that the vibe is different. We shall see how the food measures up. I'll be sampling it soon...



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