Wednesday, April 30, 2008

P.J. Leahy's - A Mets Bar Serving Local Faves

P.J. Leahy's - 50-02 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave

P.J. Leahy's is convenience at its best--a cozy Irish sports bar right outside of the 7 train, which also happens to be a hangout for Mets fans. This casual corner bar serves trusty beer and liquor varieties and of course familiar, feel-good bar food. Leahy's runs tons of specials throughout the entire week, which offers a great way to save dough. You'll find a sampling of them here:

Irish Breakfast or Brunch: $7.95 from 11a-2p on Saturday and Sunday. This special comes with a complimentary breakfast cocktail such as a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or you can get a plain o'l Bud.

Prime Rib: $10.95 every Thursday - Sunday

Bar Specials:
$5 Pint Vodka and Pink Lemonade
$3 Scotch and Soda
$10 Pitcher of Bud

Food Specials:
Beef Stew...$7.95
Broiled Tilapia...$10.95
Hot Open Brisket...$8.95
Hot Open Roast Beef...$7.95

Enjoy your comfort grub and drink. I'd suggest coming here after a Mets game to celebrate a big win (not like the shameful whooping they endured today).


  1. Are they a hard-core Mets bar? Or would a Yankee fan or two be welcome? :)

  2. Not sure, just don't advertise the Yanks too much and I think you'll be fine. They do have a METS sign up in their window too :-)

  3. A Mets bar?! REALLY?! Ooooo ribs. Might have to drag the Astoria folks over to LIC for a game. :)

  4. Of course most of the patrons are Mets fans and some Mets players find their way in every once in a while so Yankee fans should expect some good natured ribbing, but I know at least one of the bartenders is a hardcore Yankees fan and lets it be known so I'm sure other Yankee fans would be welcome also.

  5. A Mets Bar, Its a SPORTS BAR does anyone that the owner is a die hard Yankee Fan

  6. No didn't know that but it seems to be Mets dominant.



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