Sunday, April 6, 2008

L.A. Burdick - Boston's Handmade Chocolates

L.A. Burdick - 52-D Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Red Line T to Harvard Square

I went to Boston this weekend to see my brother and to go to my cousin Miriam's baby shower. It was nice to revisit my college town and reminisce about my favorite things and places in Beantown. A culinary highlight of my trip included an amazing handmade chocolate shop called L.A. Burdick. I've tried their confections before at a wedding and was amazed at the richness and purity of the chocolate. But being in the actual Burdick shop and cafe was the ultimate sweet treat.

The Chocolate:
Burdick offers handmade chocolate confections in various forms--they have two adorable animal options: penguins and mice, more traditional square truffles, chocolate dipped fruit and of course their famous hot cocoa. They offer great options in terms of party favors for weddings, baby showers or any other special occasions. Something that I especially liked were their chocolate cigars--masculine yet decadently sinful.

What I Tried:
The Burdick locale that we tried in Cambridge-Harvard Square was a shop and a cafe. And while I admired their pastries such as The Burdick (almond wafers and rum ganache topped with white chocolate and pistachio) or the giant Linzer Torte, what I really wanted was their hot cocoa.

I heard about the intense richness of the Burdick chocolate potion but simply had to witness it first-hand. The cocoa came in a small mug and once the thick liquid hit my lips I understood why--it was like drinking the best quality chocolate in its purest form. The cocoa needed no additional dessert to go with it, it was that filling. Its presentation was lovely and included a foamed silhouette of a woman--or at least that's what my chocolate addled brain was telling me.

My experience at Burdick left me utterly satisfied and impressed. I'll think back on it fondly and will certainly consider buying it next time I want to reward someone with a special treat.


  1. The foam silhouette was indeed a figment of the foodista's cocoa-doped mind.

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