Friday, April 11, 2008

Eleni's - Sweets with "Za-Za Zou"

Eleni's New York - 75 Ninth Avenue (in the Chelsea Market), New York, NY 10011
C/E/L Train to 14th and 8th Avenue

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with Eleni's cookies of NYC. They're known as "playfully unique cookies" that are "edible art" because of their meticulous handiwork and intricate design--and of course for being featured on Sex and the City. What I love about them is that every cookie tells a story--whether celebrating a new baby, a wedding or simply for your beloved something (golf, designer handbags, dogs). And though the themed cookies are what Eleni's is known for now, she started her company baking her mother's oatmeal cookies out of her NYC apartment. And that is what connects this fine desserts company to other neighborhood establishments that I support--strong family roots and delicious traditions passed on from generations.

What does Eleni's have to do with Queens?
This might come as a surprise but Eleni's bakery is located in Long Island City. Their sweet sensations, which are produced in our neck of the woods are shipped out to their shop in Chelsea and to other locations around the country.

My Eleni's Care Package:
Just yesterday, I received a delicious treats package from our friend and fellow reader, Anna. She graciously provided me and my Joey in Astoria colleagues with the beautiful goodies you see here.

Single Sensation: A festive tin of 36 adorable, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies--crunchy and chewy, these are made with fine semi-sweet chocolate. The packaging is key because it helps keep the cookies fresh. Not only are these delicious, they make for a fun party treat--put them out for a sweet finish at the end of your fiesta and they'll go fast.

5th Avenue: An impressive assortment of 12 giant cupcakes. They offer a sampling of four decadent flavors--red velvet, reesses, chocolate ganache and oreo madness. These babies sure make a statement, with their colossal size and ornate frosting. One note about the frosting is that even though it looks too rich, it's very light and does not give you a nauseating aftertaste as some cupcakes do. Its texture is like airy whipped cream--a sinful bonus!

If I haven't convinced you yet, check out Eleni's when you're in Chelsea Market or browse their online catalogue anytime. They deliver anywhere in the country so New Yorker or not, you can go to town!


  1. Do you know if Eleni is Greek? It doesn't say at the site, but does assure that the cookies are kosher.

  2. I think she's Greek. Her last name is Gianopulos. The fact that the cookies are Kosher doesn't have anything to do with it :)



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