Saturday, February 16, 2008

Foodista's Brother Peter does V-Day in Beantown

I'd like to introduce my brother Peter to the Foodista crew. Although he's six years my junior, many mistake him for being my older--and more responsible--brother. Could it be my precocious attitude and looks? Maybe.

Peter is a senior at Boston University and what can I say...he's a well-rounded mensch and at the same time a mischievous co-conspirator. Despite the fact that we have different personalities, we enjoy each other's company very much. Peter wholeheartedly supports my food obsessions--whether by tasting my food creations or trying different restaurants with me. Below you'll find his rendition of this year's homemade V-day, which he spent with his charming girlfriend Fiana. Take it away Peter...

Hello foodies. First and foremost, let it be known that although the Foodista and I come from the same gene pool, we are polar opposite people. She’s more creative while I’m more structured. She likes pretty things; I like useful things. She can cook, and well … I can eat. I am not much of a chef, besides the sporadic gastronomical adventures I undertake in my dorm room kitchen that occasionally set off the building’s fire alarm (ok, only twice). With that being said, although this meal seems fancy-shmancy it was extremely easy to make thanks to the likes of Rachael Ray (ugh) and Giada (wa wa wee wa).

For Valentine’s Day I was stuck with the decision of either taking my girlfriend Fiana out to an overpriced price fixe dinner (ranging around $50pp here in Boston) or making a concerted effort to show her my skills and cook for her; I opted for the latter. I decided to pick up some higher-end ingredients (for a college student at least) from Trader Joe's. Including a bottle of wine, the tab ran me up at about $45, which was significantly less than the bill at [enter generic North-End restaurant here].

Appetizer: Jumbo Shrimp Wrapped in Arugula and Prosciutto
Total time for this was about 20 minutes. Being that I had a difficult time zesting a lemon with a butter knife, it would take you significantly less time. Fiana ended up loving this dish. We both agreed that it had a nice sweet and salty taste with the shrimp and prosciutto competing with the grape tomato and zested lemon. Furthermore, I was able spice up the décor of the dish by placing two rounded shrimp together in the middle of the plate in the shape of a heart.

Entrée: Grilled Swordfish with Lemon, Mint and Basil with a side of Frisee Salad
Since I figured the old Foreman grill would put the swordfish steaks to shame, I used a grill pan and covered the steaks with a large plate. This encapsulated the steam and let the fish cook more fully throughout. Once again, this was a huge hit! We both loved the mint seasoning on the swordfish (again unconventional but worthy of Foodista’s 3 Mmmms). On top of the frisée salad I put some mixed pesto and lemon juice topped off with unsalted roasted almonds. This turned out to be another easy, but fancy-looking dish.

Dessert: Gourmet PB&J
At this point in the meal, I figured we would both be stuffed and not even want to look at dessert. To end the night off with something sweet, I slobbered on some store-brand (shh) chunky peanut butter and strawberry jelly on two pieces of wheat bread and cut the sandwich in the shape of a heart. I garnished the plate with some more jelly for style and extra dipping action. GENTLEMEN BEWARE: if you intend on avoiding a sticky situation, do not cut the heart in half! Instead of ending the night off with a broken heart, rather take turns biting into the sandwich in a show of everlasting love and unity.


  1. I can personally vouch for the the deliciousness of the shrimp. As the Foodista's brothers roommate I was allowed to test them. Unfortunately I could not get near the other great dishes.

  2. I was personally very impressed by the spread! Healthy and gourmet-looking. Great job! Guys...take notes.

  3. Foodista's brother is a little casanova ;) Loved the attention to detail (i.e., the shrimp heart).



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