Monday, December 10, 2007

Table 30 - New Cafe Serving the Basics

Table 30 - 35-02 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue

Table 30 is a relatively new Mediterranean eatery on the popular 30th Avenue--the mecca of Greek cafes. Although, the newness factor has appeal, this place has a hard time differentiating itself from its neighbors.

Table 30 has a casual feel. It's cheery and bright but nothing too special. In terms of decor, it tries a bit too hard to fit in with the rest--the funky mirrors, track lighting and flat screen TVs have all been seen before. It all feels a tad dull and overdone. Even the waiters are dressed in matching T-shirts that say Table 30. Where have we seen this before? Umm...Ovelia, right across the street!

Like the atmosphere, the food at Table 30 falls short of spectacular. While they have an enormous selection of paninni-style sandwiches, the menu isn’t overly exciting. I do have to say though in my first visit, I had the pleasure of trying the most delicious French Onion Soup—I’m a sucker for this dish! The soup wasn’t too cheesy with plenty of caramelized onions to enjoy and a broth with just the right amount of zest. When it was first brought out, it was so large that I thought, “there is NO way that I’m finishing this .” But lo and behold, I embarrassingly came close to licking my plate clean.

I also came here for brunch with Kimberly and her mom and sadly, it was a letdown. Maybe my expectations were too high. With Ovelia across the street serving the most amazing brunch, Table 30 had a lot to live up to. But in the end it was just OK. Our omelets were large but lifeless—there was just something a bit off about their flavoring. And the bread was completely sopped with butter—I hate that! I much prefer to spread butter on my own bread thank you very much. It was also disappointing that Table didn’t offer a brunch special like some of its neighbors, meaning no complimentary Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s—boo!

Service and Cost:
No complaints about the service. Everyone was lovely and patient and willing to give us their recommendations. They also didn’t mind that we sat at our table chatting for an extra forty minutes after we finished eating! The prices are reasonable and you can walk out spending less than $25 per person (including drinks) for dinner and less than $15 for brunch.


  1. haha!! we totally stayed there for 40 minutes past eating, if not longer! but even B commented on the mediocrity. oh well, if ovelia is crowded and you're in the mood for a basic omelette, it's ok.

  2. 'wich hunter10 January, 2008

    I think Table 30 is a great place to meet up with friends for coffee and an omelette. Their panini aren't bad, but there's definitely better in Astoria. Best burgers though. Juicy, succulent, everything a hungry indivudual could ask for when craving red meat. Fries rock too.

  3. tasos: the service was very polite and very nice!!!the food was also very good!!

  4. Maybe it's just taken a few months, but I think Table 30 is pretty great. I've taken several people there and we all like the burgers, fries, service, and chocolate mousse. And I'm a huge fan of their veg kabobs appetizer.

  5. Good to know Sumana. I will have to go again and check it out for myself.

  6. MissPinkKate08 April, 2008

    Beware of Table 30! On two separate occasions, my credit card has been overcharged by this establishment. I called to speak to someone at the restaurant about it today, and a man named Mario hung up on me.

  7. Yuck, that is not cool. Thanks for sharing misspinkkate.

  8. Anonymous25 May, 2008

    It's now closed. Not sure what's going on.

  9. I saw that today too! I am going to post about it and will get to the bottom of it. I'll ask some neighborhood restauranteurs exactly what happened.

  10. it closed cause it sucked decor sucked. End of story.



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