Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fatty's - A Follow-Up to the Place We Love!

As you might know, I'm a total Fatty's freak--I got Dan hooked for good and most of my friends are also big supporters! (see my full review below). I've been to Fatty's on various occasions for lunch and dinner but haven't had the pleasure of trying their brunch--until now. Three words...must go back!

If you're expecting a traditional french toast, pancakes and omelette brunch menu, you simply won't get it. What Fatty's offers is so much more and in such a creative format. See brunch menu
here. You'll find interesting dishes with a Latin twist--eggs with rice & beans, plantains with bacon and beef, Cubano sandwiches and even polenta pancakes (ok, this last dish is a tad on the Italian side).

I especially loved my plate of La Pistola--fried eggs on a bed of rice and beans, served with a soft tortilla on the side. It was such a great combination and reminded me of the time that I got re-fried beans and eggs in Texas. This dish was also pretty light, considering how large it was. Dan got the Mofongo--a mound of mashed plantains mixed with pancetta, beans, beef and a hearty sauce. He was a bit unsure in the beginning but once he tried it he said that I MUST get it next time. I tried it and kept stealing fork fulls off his plate throughout the meal--it was that good.

You can't go wrong with this value! For just $11 you'll get a big entree and and a morning cocktail such as a mimosa (they have many flavors including mango and papaya), bloody mary or limeade.

Added Bonus:
If you go to Fatty's now, you'll get to see their local art showcase called "Dog Days" by Shasta Molnar. Click here to sample her
exhibit. I simply love these cheery works, dedicated to some pretty damn good looking furry friends.

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