Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sanford's - More than a Diner? Outlook Not Promising

Sanford's - 30-13 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106
N/W Train to Broadway

My feelings about Sanford’s are mixed. I was originally reluctant to try it—having peeked in before without being impressed—but my friend Margot changed my mind by showing me their uber-stylish website. I was immediately intrigued by their delicious sounding menu and extensive brunch options. Unfortunately though, after my visit I was back to where I started, uninspired and under-whelmed. Some thoughts on dining here:

1. The atmosphere is ultra-casual and you can certainly come to weekend brunch in your pjs.
2. The food here sounds more exotic than it tastes—not to say don’t try it, it’s decent but don’t set your expectations too high. Their eggs are good and the salads are fresh. I liked my mimosa and the coffee was pleasantly strong and always flowing—the waiters were great about refills.
3. You can totally come here if you’re by yourself and not feel weird. I’ve seen people sitting at a table for quite a while, devouring a good book or studying.
4. Don’t blow all your cash at once, this joint is not credit card friendly


  1. Sanfords has just reopened - check out the yelp page for new photos - menu is the same (which I'm rather happy about). They are now taking credit cards and all the staff are back, which is great because I really liked them as they're very attentive and ubernice compared to other places in the neighborhood. I still go sit at the bar and have a coffee and a bagel, while reading a paper from time to time and they don't bat an eyelid and leave me do my thing, which is pretty cool!
    It's worth a look (and they're freshly ground coffee!!!)

  2. Yeah I heard about its redesign. I'll check it out but honestly, I wasn't too impressed the first time. I'll give it another try though--enough people have raved about it so someone must know what they're talking about.

  3. You must re-visit Sanford's. I recently had a quick dinner and boy was I plesantly surprised! I had the portobello salad and my husband had the buffalo chicken wrap, it was delicious! Great service, still cozy neighborhood feel but wayyyyyyy updated!

  4. I will try it again - I've heard some great things about its re-vamped look and feel.



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