Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fire and Stone is Even Better the Second Time Around

Last night was the second time Dan and I visited a neighborhood pizza joint, Fire & Stone and once again it was a success.  The first time was with friends, Bethany and Oscar and we properly indulged in three different pizza pies.  This time around, we diversified a bit and had a few veggies first and then split a pizza too.  

Being a true neighborhood establishment, Fire & Stone is located in the Beaumont Wilshire part of Northeast Portland.  Although situated on the popular NE Fremont Street, Fire and Stone is set off a bit from the main commercial area that rests between 42nd and 50th Ave.  Our neighbors mentioned it used to be an old market/convenience store which has certainly come a long way now.

The interior of the restaurant reflects the restaurant's theme, which is all about wood fired goodness.  With the oven being the focal point, it's clear that they make their pies in an authentic way and the wood that you see stacked outside fully proves it as well.  In terms of seating you'll find a combination of roomy wooden booths as well as traditional two and four-top tables.  Together, it creates a cozy, casual atmosphere that's perfect for spontaneous or planned neighborhood dining.

It's impossible not to try the pizza here, even though their other menu items sure look enticing.  Since we tried nearly half of their pizza options last time, Dan and I decided to go with the daily pizza special and some veggie options to round out the meal.

Veggies - Going with the roasted beets and the crispy potatoes, we weren't disappointed with either choice.  The potatoes were a hearty option that definitely satisfied our hunger quickly and we were pleased to see their well-done browned exterior.  A bed of red pepper mojo that served as their dipping sauce was unusual but very delicious, reminding me of Ajvar, a typical Serbian red pepper dip I'd have in Astoria for example.

The beets were also tasty and cooked nicely, producing a slightly tender texture on the inside and still pleasantly firm on the outside.

Pizza - The day's special pizza sounded unique so we decided to go for it.  Dan noted that it can be either really awesome or a disaster, as it seemed almost too ambitious.  Studded with their fresh tomato sauce, braised pork belly strips, cooked clams and various seasonal veggie goodness such as little pieces of garlic stems, the combination worked beautifully.  Creating a lot of bright, seasonal flavors, it was unlike any pizza I've had and despite its richness of ingredients, it tasted very light.  The crust of the pizza was executed well, boasting a nice char on the outside, with an overall crunchy (not soggy) texture.

Drinks - Fire and Stone features a rich menu of cocktails, which Dan took advantage of while I went for something non-alcoholic.  Loving all the options in this department, I chose the strawberry lemonade drink, which you can see above.  Doesn't it look yummy? Mixed with fresh lemon juice and strawberry puree, it's a nice mix of sweet and sour flavors that felt very refreshing on a hot summer eve.

Service and Cost:
We couldnt've asked for better service last night, and were helped by a wonderful waitress who anticipated our every need.  She was kind and attentive, and even brought our friend's dog, a bowl of water without us even asking.

Costs are moderate, providing good value for the high quality of food and drinks you're getting.  Our bill set us back around $45 including tip for 2 apps, 1 pizza and two fancy drinks.

3 Mmmms

Fire and Stone - 3707 Fremont Street, Portland OR 97212

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