Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best Pizza in Oregon (so far) is at Double Mountain Brewery

This past weekend, Dan and I took a little road trip to the Columbia River Gorge, which we haven't been to in a few months.  We missed our scenic road trips that we decided to visit the Vista House in Corbett and then drove another half hour east to Hood River.  There, we had our eye on the prize, which was trying out Double Mountain Brewery and their legendary pizza.


Located in the heart of Hood River, not far from the waterfront, Double Mountain Brewery
is a popular go-to spot for visitors and locals alike.  While the brewery isn't as scenic and spacious as Full Sail (also located in Hood River), its charm comes through in other ways.

You'll find both indoor and outdoor seating here and even on a scorcher of a day like last Saturday (temperatures hit almost 100 degrees), there were still people dining outside with their dogs.  The interior is extensive and offers both casual bar-side seating as well as more traditional tables, which we chose to occupy.  Even though there's a little bit of a wait during lunchtime, it moves pretty fast and we were pleasantly surprised to be seated just 10 minutes after putting our name on the list.

We knew why we came, which was of course for their famous pizza and this is exactly what we ordered.  Also observing the generous portion size, we knew that splitting one pie would be just enough to fill us up.

The Salami Pie - When we saw the word Olympic Provisions in the description of this pizza, we were so in!  As you see above, the whole thing was also generously sprinkled with fresh peppery arugula, which added a nice dose of earthiness to this hearty pie.  Dan asked to add a little bit of fresh mozzarella to this already delicious combo, which the staff was happy to accommodate.  The end result was spectacular and so memorable - from the blistery crust to the fresh tomato sauce and those magical salami slices.

Service and Cost:

More than impressed with the service, not only was our waiter quick, he was knowledgeable, pleasant and there when we needed him.  Even during a busy dining time, he was totally on the ball and we felt that everything from the time it took to bring out our pizza to refilling our water and beer glasses went off without a hitch.

Costs are moderate to a little expensive, but completely worth every penny for what you get.  The pizza set us back $20 which is a lot for a pie, but the portion is nice and large and even gave us a little bit to take home.

3 Mmmms

Double Mountain Brewery - 8 Fourth Street, Hood River Oregon 97031

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