Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rose's Ice Cream - Scooping Up Flavor and Value

Given the beautiful weather in Portland lately, Dan and I have enjoyed taking walks and exploring our nearby neighborhood haunts.  Sure, there's all the sexy restaurants and shops on Alberta St, but aside from that, we've been exploring the sights on 42nd Avenue.  One such family business that's recently become a favorite of ours is
Rose's Ice Cream.  Unlike the high profile Salt & Straw on Alberta St., Rose's boasts traditional homemade ice cream that never goes out of style.  And it's certainly given us more than one reason to come back.

When you look at it from the outside, it's easy to misjudge Rose's as an unappealing old school institution.  While this assumption about Rose's age isn't untrue, I'd wholeheartedly dispute every other stereotype.  And yes, while everything about this place connotes an episode of Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives that's exactly what makes it so great.  All that nostalgia and old fashioned signage, seating and overall decor takes you back in time to a place when you were a kid and had only the simplest worries in the world.  There's something very comforting about returning to a place like this and knowing it still exists in an evolving, gentrifying city like Portland.

Ice Cream:
Boasting over thirty flavors of ice cream, some of which are daily specials makes the selection process for a customer a tough one.  A few buzzwords do it for me every time, such as chocolate and peanut butter, so sooner than later I made my decision.

Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream - Even though it looked simple, the flavors in this ice cream were all sorts of perfect.  The best part was the creamy, lush texture, which was softer than velvet and I loved that both the chocolate and the peanut butter flavors stood out.  A personal tip with any of their ice creams would be to leave them out for about 5 minutes before digging in, as helps to make them taste even smoother and more custardy.

Rocky Road ice cream - Trying this flavor most recently, the dark chocolate was pure decadence and once again even more delicious when you let it sit out for a few minutes.  A minor complaint would be that they could've been more generous with the marshmallows, but the almonds were plentiful.

Service and Cost:
Just like everything else in this old school shop, the service is warm and personable.  The folks working behind the counter are helpful and generous with their scoops - just look at this hefty waffle cone (pictured above) Dan got the other day!

Costs are inexpensive and offer great value for the quality of ice cream at just $2.95 per scoop.

3 Mmmms

Rose's Ice Cream - 5011 NE 42nd Street, Portland OR 97218

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