Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guerrero Chilaquiles at Autentica

I love trying new brunch options in the neighborhood, especially when it involves eating Mexican food.  Noticing a recent Eater write-up for a nearby Mexican brunch at Autentica restaurant, my friend Sonya and I popped in to check it out.

Located in the ever evolving North East Killingsworth and 30th Ave neighborhood, Autentica is surrounded by other interesting eateries such as DOC, Cocotte, Nonna and others.  It's easy to spot from the outside by the pretty wooden signage and the colorful accents on the facade.

Once you walk in, the restaurant is long and narrow and connotes something of a friendly neighborhood joint.  The decor is simple, filled mostly with two or four top tables and a prominent open kitchen that occupies most of the space.  

Noticing various sized parties during brunch, it was pleasantly full but not so much so that it was tough to snag a table.  Luckily they also accept Opentable reservations, which I'm always keen to use.

It was hard to decide what to choose, as most of the dishes totally sounded like something up my alley, being a huge fan of Mexican food.  Asking our server for advice, she recommended the Huevo Enchipotlado (scrambled eggs with house made chipotles), but I decided against it, being a little intimidated by the spice.  Instead I went for their Chilaquiles - my barometer for good Mexican fare.

Chilaquiles Rojos - Surprised to see these Chilaquiles were more or less deconstructed, the eggs, beans and other fixins co-existed on the side of the tortillas enrobed in guajillo chile sauce.  While I really enjoyed the tortillas, which were perfectly flavored, I wished they were mixed in with the eggs at least, as I love when the latter ingredient sticks to the already softened tortillas.  Everything else on the plate was tasty and enjoyable (especially a velvety crema that I requested on the side), but I can't say any of it blew me away.

Because she was feeling under the weather, Sonya chose the arroz con huevo (fried eggs and rice), which she didn't complain nor rave about.

Service and Cost:
I must say that the service at Autentica was quite good, given that it was peak brunch hour.  Observing the atmosphere and gauging whether people seemed to be happy, I must say they did and no one seemed to be rushing out too quickly.  Overall, a nice vibe and service was had.

Costs are moderate for Mexican food and set us back between $10-$15 each including tip.

2 Mmmms

Autentica - 5507 NE 30th Avenue, Portland OR 97211

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