Monday, September 22, 2014

The Lemon Ice King of Corona Reigns with Excellence

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure to check out the Maker Faire at the NY Hall of Science, which is all about innovation, creativity, technology and loads of fun.  I've never been before and was looking forward to checking it out, along with taking a stroll around Corona on an unseasonably warm day.

Parking was naturally a nightmare, which is why I parked further out (but conveniently close to Nixtamal) and got to explore the neighborhood.  Coincidentally, I walked by the famous Lemon Ice King of Corona, which is of course a Queens legend as far as frozen treats are concerned - and needless to say, I had to try it.

Located on the corner of 108th Street and 52nd Avenue, it's hard to miss this place, as it serves as an symbol of pride in the neighborhood.  At any given time, you'll see people gathered around waiting to order ices, or just folks lingering and enjoying their frozen treats.

The facade is simple and nostalgic and I like how proudly it displays its name - as if saying "I am King, and you better take note."  There's a window counter up front where you order and where you can also see the flavors of the day, which I'm told don't change much.  I like that what you see is what you get and although old school, it's very charming, friendly and has a special quality about it that makes you instantly happy.

After some deliberation, I chose a combo fruit flavor of banana/strawberry.  It looked pretty and colorful and I loved the little swirls it created.

The flavor was fabulous and very fresh.  It was obviously made with real fruit and fruit juice, as I noticed little chunks of strawberries inside.  While the banana was on the smoother side, the flavor was intense and reminded me of a delicious banana/strawberry smoothie.  Also, the small cup was just the perfect way to get your sweet fix without overindulging.

Service and Cost
Just like the overall atmosphere, the service is also quick and no nonsense.  It reminds me of the somewhat surly waiters you'd encounter in a classic establishment like Peter Luger's for example, but it's all a part of the charm.

Costs are awesomely inexpensive and include $1.50 for a small, $2.50 for a medium, $3 for a large and $3.50 for a super.

3 Icy Mmmms

Lemon Ice King of Corona - 52-02 108th Street, Corona NY 11368
7 Train to 111th Street/Roosevelt Avenue

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