Friday, April 26, 2013

Mexico Blvd Truck Looks Suweeet!

I was on my way to the new MP Taverna last week, getting ready for a fabulous press dinner when I ran into this Mexico Blvd truck right outside of the Ditmars Blvd stop.  It looked so inviting and like a legit food truck that I walked by and looked at what it had to offer.  The menu was simple yet intriguing and the prices are fantastic - especially for the tacos.  I like that their meat is sustainable and they carry most gluten free products, which is nice for friends with food allergies.  Take a look at their menu and do check them out next time you seem them in the nabe.

Guacamole - made fresh daily and paired with chips
Chico (small)...$3.25

Grande (big)...$4.50

Adobo - Pork loin marinated for 24 hours in their great grandmother's adobo...$3
Pastor - Pork tenderloin marinated in 3 chiles sauce, served with cilantro, onion & a pineapple slice...$3
Bistec - Top round steak in a drunken sauce, served with cilantro and onion...$3
Tinga - Shredded chicken in a tomato and chipotle sauce...$3

Tortas (Mexico City sandwiches)


Find this truck here.

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