Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Food Awesomeness at SITE Partay

Tonight was truly an awesome evening, as I got to attend a fabulous soiree, organized by my friends Mackenzi and Meg at Mackenzi's store, SITE.  The party was in honor of Meg's fabulous Queens foodie bible called the Food Lovers' Guide to Queens, which she worked so diligently on.  I truly love this book, as it does a great job of really respecting Queens' food scene and letting all its many gems shine.  We're all so proud of the work that Meg has done for the community, which was proven by tonight's huge crowd of supporters.

I also wanted to thank Meg for putting yours truly into her book, by listing Fooditka as a trusted food resource, but even better by putting one of my near and dear family recipes into its pages.  The recipe is for our Ceresnova Bublanina
(or Slovak cherry cake).  Bringing the recipe to life at the party by serving up the cake, people seemed to really enjoy it and I was so happy to relay the nice feedback to my mom, who helped me make this particular cake.

The Food:

In addition to this, there were so many other amazing local treats featured tonight such as Astor Bake Shop's sweets,
Sac's Place pizza, pasta and meatballs, as well as Il Bambino's paninis.  Everything was a total hit and people really stuck around to enjoy the food and chat with their Astoria neighbors.  I was happy to see new connections being made and a few reunions too.  The food no doubt, was a uniting factor and it wasn't just once that I heard someone commenting on the buttery king cake, the fudgy cookies or the bodacious meatballs.  

Thanks to my friends for putting on such a lovely affair and to my gracious and fantastic Astorians who make these type of events so worthwhile.  Also, if you're looking to get your hands on Meg's book, look no further...and enjoy!

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