Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Butter Lane's 2013 Sweet Preview was Delightful

As part of my being one of Butter Lane's Bloggers of the Week and therefore in their "inner sweet circle," I was excited to be invited to their 2013 sweets preview tasting.  Featuring new creations that are not yet on sale in the store and some of which may debut on the menu  early next year, my senses were truly overwhelmed with the sweetest of sensations.  The good news was that all of these treats were miniature, which was perfect for tasting a bit of everything.

The Set-Up:
Situated in Butter Lane's cupcake workshop room, the tasting hosted about 20 or so bloggers and their closest friends.  Kimberly came with me, and was quite impressed by the sweet table of mini cupcakes, pie pops, mini pop tarts and other goodies.

After helping yourself at the sweet table, you were welcomed to stand around and mingle or take a seat at their signature communal table, where folks usually situate themselves to decorate cupcakes during their classes.

My Favorites:
Overall, it won't come as a shock that everything was really tasty, but there are three items in particular, which stood out to me.

*Favorite* PB&J Banana Cupcake - If they're on the fence about this one for next year, I'd give it a wholehearted go, as the frosting is the perfect amount of sweet and peanut buttery with a soft little marshmallow on top.  The actual cupcake was just perfect and you can tell it was made with real bananas, creating a really wholesome and nostalgic flavor.

Blueberry Banana Cupcake - This is actually the last thing I tried and it left a lasting impression, as the juxtaposition of blueberry and banana once again created perfection.  The frosting, topped with a juicy little blueberry was slightly tangy, reminding me of summer while the banana cupcake base had a lovely crunch on the outside and a soft, pillowy interior that just sent you to heaven.

Strawberry Pop Tart - You know what they say, "an oldie but a goodie," this was literally Butter Lane's take on one of the most nostalgic snacks in America.  Looking just like the classic pop tart, with white frosting and sprinkles on top, it tasted a thousand times better, with a fresh strawberry jam inside that oozed out and made you lick your lips with delight.

Other sinful goodies we tried included:
Cake pies (pecan pie, sea salt chocolate)
Pie pops (cherry)
Cinnamon brown sugar pop tart
Chocolate malt cupcake

I hope you get out to Butter Lane soon to try some of their classic cupcakes and gear up for these exciting new things too!

Butter Lane - 123 East 7th Street, New York NY 10009
6 Train to Astor Place

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  1. The chocolate mint cupcake was also divine!! I loved the crunchy mint candy garnish. Just minty enough - yum!!



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